Nurse Uncut quick contest: ‘Call the Midwife’ 1-4

It’s almost Easter (and Passover), so let’s have a quick Nurse Uncut contest!

We have five box-sets of the first four series of the wonderful Call the Midwife to give away – all the Christmas specials are included too.

Just to make it difficult (not), all you have to do to enter is tell us the name of the famous actor who does the voiceover*. Closing date is April 12.


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Mental health mentoring program honours Bob Fenwick

Applications are now open for the 2015 Bob Fenwick Memorial Mentoring Grants Program, which aims to encourage experienced mental health nurses to mentor their less experienced colleagues.

Bob Fenwick was a mental health nurse who is warmly remembered for the passionate support and assistance he offered to foster the development and skills of other mental health nurses.

The Mentoring Program was developed in 2011 to recognise Mr Fenwick’s long service to mental health nursing and the significant role he played in mentoring less-experienced nurses. The program is funded by the NSW Government Program via Ministry of Health Mental Health Drug & Alcohol Office and administered by the Association.

Bob fenwick Ceremony MentorMentee Group 30_8_13
Mentors and mentees 2013.

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Who supports fairer workers compensation in NSW?

One of the first major actions of the NSW Liberal National Government was to make sweeping changes and cuts to the WorkCover scheme which covers injured workers. They cut accident coverage for all workers on the way to and from work; there is no longer a right for relatives of workers killed or injured at work to claim nervous shock. Up to 20,000 workers with long-term injuries have lost their entitlements to medical benefits, while more than 5000 injured workers have lost their workers’ compensation benefits as a result of the 2012 cuts.


Nurses are particularly prone to injury and assault at work so this is a subject we should really pay attention to.

In the light of this, it’s important to consider how each of the parties approaches the issue of workers compensation in this election. The Injured Workers Support Network surveyed candidates and asked them if they supported a return to a fairer system. You can click on your electorate to see how your candidates responded.

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Registered nurses needed 24/7 in aged care

The campaign (RN24/7) to keep the legal requirement for registered nurses round the clock in aged care in NSW continues. The state government’s ‘consultation process’ (which doesn’t seem particularly consultative) will go on throughout the year and a decision will be announced in December – but that decision will probably be made by mid-year.

It’s imperative for everyone – not just aged care nurses – to take action on this. After all, we all know older people, have parents, friends, spouses in aged care. Or we are going to be there ourselves one day, sooner or later. Don’t we want the best possible care for our loved ones and ourselves, overseen by a registered nurse?CarlingfordCare Manager RNs CSEs Residential Manager DDONAged care workers in Carlingford.

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Nurse and midwives don’t lie about privatisation

The Patients Before Profits tv advertisements which ran on our screens in February appear to have struck a nerve with the NSW LNP government. Health Minister Jillian Skinner called the ad a scare campaign and said “This union campaign is absolutely baseless and any talk of Americanisation is complete nonsense.” Now the NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association is answering back – here General Secretary Brett Holmes tells the scary truth about encroaching privatisation within the public health system.

Our Patients Before Profits campaign has been repeatedly called ‘a lie’ by members of the Liberal-National state government. Yet the simple fact is the Liberal-National Coalition has an ideological commitment to involve private corporations in healthcare, taking us down the path of a US-style health system.

So far, this government has privatised sub-acute and rehabilitation mental health services and new palliative care services. Disability services will cease to be government-run by 2018. There’s no sugar-coating the facts, this is happening already.

NSWNMA COD Group Shot #1 17_3_15

The Liberal-Nationals have signed a Public-Private Partnership contract for Northern Beaches hospital for a minimum of 20 years with private operator Healthscope. All services will be delivered by the corporation and all current public health staff at Manly and Mona Vale Hospitals will become private hospital employees if they choose to work at Northern Beaches. The NSW government will subsidise Healthscope to the tune of $600 million to build the hospital and then will make payments for services provided to public patients.


The Coalition has refused to rule out privatising new hospitals planned for the Lower Hunter and is ‘market testing’ the delivery of surgical services at the new Byron Central hospital.

This is privatisation of public health by any definition.

A combination of privatising hospitals and public health services along with attacks by the Federal Government on Medicare and the increasing level of private insurers coming into primary care is leading to an Americanisation of our health system – which is heavily privatised, costs patients more and has worse health outcomes.


Nurses and midwives are simply raising awareness about what is happening to our public health system. If we follow the trend of the US, with its largely privatised health system, patients can expect to pay more out of their own pockets.

Nurses tell it as they see it and, like the professional care they give, their interests are aligned with the best possible patient outcomes, which should not depend on individual wealth.

More on privatisation:

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