ANZAC Girls – Nurse Uncut’s October contest

We’re about to enter the home stretch towards the end of the year and the days are getting hotter. We reckon that’s worth celebrating with a DVD giveaway! And this is a very special DVD, courtesy of Roadshow Entertainment.

We have five copies of ANZAC Girls to give to five lucky Nurse Uncut readers*. Apart from the six episodes, each DVD includes special features such as the making of ANZAC Girls, the casting and main characters, costume design, make-up and hair, the men of the series and cast interviews.


The ANZAC girls (based on real women): Grace Wilson, Olive Haines, Alice Ross-King, Elsie Cook, Hilda Steele.

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Say no-way to a Medicare co-pay

Coral Levett, President of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation, writes about the ongoing threat to Medicare – which had its seeds long before the May Budget measures were announced.

Many of you will have been involved in the public rallies held over recent months to show opposition to the Abbott Government’s plan to introduce a range of co-payments for medical services, including GP visits.

The ANMF has feared attacks on our universal health system for some considerable time (well before the May Budget was handed down). This is because we have been watching the slow erosion of our public hospitals and other traditionally managed public health services throughout a number of Australian states.


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Why privatisation is relevant to nurses and midwives

Last week, ex-policeman and provocateur Tim Priest wrote an opinion piece in the Daily Telegraph, in which he accused the NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association of being unconcerned about violence in the hospital system, instead being too busy with its anti-privatisation advertising campaign.

Below is the full reply made by Brett Holmes of the NSWNMA – an edited version was published as a letter in the Telegraph on Saturday.

To accuse the NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association of being uninterested in the safety of patients and of the dedicated nursing staff in emergency departments is drawing a long bow, even for Tim Priest (Nurses’ union should take truth pill, 16 Oct).

If Mr Priest had practiced what he preached in relation to fact checking, he would be aware the NSWNMA has long held the view – and indeed is still campaigning for – the introduction of mandated nurse-to-patient ratios in the state’s emergency departments. Ratios are a vital element of ensuring safe patient care and safety for nursing staff.

ED ratio

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My Blue Mountains bushfire experience 2013-2014

Last October a Mental Health RN who lives in the Blue Mountains wrote about her bushfire experience for Nurse Uncut. Now, a year later, she gives us a photo essay on changes since the fire. She writes: “I don’t have a fancy camera to work on because of the urgency of the event at that time.  I chose to use the same mobile phone to maintain consistency of the quality – acceptable and tolerable to the eye”.



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Medicare is not ‘free’ – and it’s not in crisis either

‘The age of entitlement is over’, we’re told. But aren’t we entitled to a decent health care system because we pay for it and voted for it (and because it’s the right thing for all Australians)? Annie Butler, Assistant Federal Secretary of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation, examines some of the arguments floating around about Medicare.

As we now struggle with protecting our health system from the Federal Budget proposals and all this will bring, I find I am genuinely perplexed by persistent propositions from some quarters that health care in Australia is ‘free’. And therefore, that the budget measures for mandatory co-payments are warranted and fair because ‘you can’t get something for nothing’, ‘it’s about time we all paid a fair share’ and ‘the age of entitlement is over’ and other such platitudes.


Listening to all of this I have to ask myself, in all seriousness, what planet are these people on? Are they in some parallel universe version of Australia where the government collects its revenue from some other source than taxation of its people?

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