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A midwife’s story: Light and shade

Alexandra Ryan was runner-up in the NSWNMA Short Story Competition 2017 with this story, ‘Light and Shade’. "Oh you are a midwife? That is so...

Research: Nutrition during pregnancy

Are you a nurse or midwife who regularly sees pregnant women or has an interest in nutrition?  Researchers at the University of Wollongong have developed...

Nurses: End-of-life care in Emergency

My name is Dr Tracey Giles and I am a nursing academic at Flinders University. I am currently leading a research team to investigate...

Research: Nursing students and thought-disordered speech

My name is Denise McGarry (RN) and I am a nursing academic and PhD student at the University of Technology Sydney. I am researching...

Research: Burnout and moral distress for registered nurses

If you are working as a registered nurse in Australia, you’re invited to participate in this study, investigating experiences of burnout and morally distressing...

A nurse’s plea: Please bring back the water jug (here’s why)

Melinda Davis works in a Sydney hospital and is alarmed by the plastic bottle wastage she witnesses every day. Melinda (right] writes: I work in...

Research: Experiences of neonatal intensive care nurses in navigating grief and loss

Are you a neonatal nurse? Have you previously worked as a neonatal nurse? Have you experienced the loss of a newborn baby in the...

Do nurses really need to use so many gloves?

Alice Suttie CNS works in a surgical hospital in Sydney - but she has some doubts about the extensive use of gloves. Do you...

A final farewell – short story by a nurse

Rebecca Noonan won the NSWNMA Short Story Competition 2017 with 'A Final Farewell'. She sat in the stark, chilled room located off to the side....




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