Dying ‘well’

In 1974, student nurse Diane Byrne (her maiden name) wrote for The Lamp about her first experience of laying out a dead patient. Over forty years later, Dianne Porter is still contemplating what it means to die well. [Click on the image to read the story in full.]


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Health workers against the Border Force Act

“Are we really going to teach our children that it’s not okay to stand up for what you think is right because your government might put you in prison? When you silence doctors and nurses you’re getting into dangerous territory.” – Alannah Maycock, former Immigration paediatric nurse

The Australian Border Force Act 2015 states that as of July 1, 2015, anybody who has been to the Nauru or Manus Island detention camps cannot speak about what they’ve witnessed to anyone. Breaches of the Act are punishable by up to two years imprisonment.

As soon as the Act came into law, health workers began to speak out against it.

See Nurses Against the Border Force Act on Facebook.

2015 Conference

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New grads who were AiNs – a survey

Are you a new graduate who worked as an AiN during your studies? Registered nurse Maricris Algoso, a PhD candidate at the University of Western Sydney, is conducting a study on the significance of undergraduate AIN employment in the aged care sector to the clinical preparation of new graduate nurses.

Many nursing students work as AINs during their undergraduate studies – most are employed in aged care. Does their employment prepare them for new graduate clinical practice? Can undergraduate AIN employment contribute to future developments in nursing education? Mariscris invites new grads to take part in her research.

The transfer of nursing education into the tertiary sector intensified concerns over the quantity and quality of clinical placements preparing graduates for the clinical work environment. The transfer also contributed to a divide between nursing industry and education sectors.


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How does stress affect you?

Ty Lees is a PhD Candidate in the Neuroscience Research Unit at the University of Technology, Sydney. Ty is investigating how the stress experienced by clinically active nurses affects their performance and is looking for nurses to participate in the research.

Now before you keep reading, stop and take a moment to think about these few questions.

  • How you feel after a stressful day at work?
  • How much does this stress affect you?
  • How do you cope with daily workplace challenges?
  • How does stress in the rest of your life influence you at work?


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Nurses are ‘amazing souls’ – a young patient’s perspective

Nikhil Autar is a 22 year old Sydney medical student. At age 17 he was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia and underwent chemotherapy, radiotherapy and two bone marrow transplants. Recently he was hospitalised again, with a lesion on his ribs, which has been surgically removed. He spent another birthday in hospital and wrote in a Facebook post: ‘Despite being in such a horrible place … I’m blessed and lucky to spend the very first moments of this momentous occasion with my nurses. The same amazing souls who’ve not only kept me healthy, safe and literally saved my life over the years, but been the friends, confidants, the healing souls you need in hard times too”. On his blog, Musings of a Medical Student, Nikhil writes more about nurses and their crucial role for patients.

You see it all the time on those medical shows on TV.

You see a doctor, who could probably earn millions modelling on the side, running through hallways and corridors, hanging IV drips, getting patients food, finding time to sit down and talk patients through all their fears and concerns – basically doing anything and everything to help the patients through all of their troubles.

I guess that’s what I’d expected would happen when I was told I had cancer.

with nurses LivHosp

Nikhil (right) with some Liverpool Hospital nurses.

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