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Volunteer with Palms

Through their global volunteer program, Palms Australia can place you with a community who requests your particular expertise to help develop the skills of...

Renewing your nursing and midwifery registration: CPD

Over the next four weeks, Nurse Uncut brings you a series of articles covering topics that nurses and midwives frequently enquire about when renewing...

What are your tips for new nurses?

What advice do you wish you'd been given as a new nurse? What advice would you give to yourself if you could go back...

Smartphone film-maker? Nurses and midwives film festival wants you!

Do you make funny videos for social media? Do you put your short films up on YouTube? Do you have a nursing or midwifery...

There’s no need to lock people into nursing homes ‘for their own safety’

Older people in nursing homes or aged care facilities are often locked up “for their own safety”. But a review by Marta Woolford and...

Countdown to registration: get your nursing CPD in shape

There's just over 10 weeks to go to get your registration renewal in. Over the coming weeks, Nurse Uncut is going to take you...

Can I hang on to my nursing registration while working in a different role?

Gone are the days when you became a registered nurse and were able to keep that status for years even if not working at...

Clearing up confusion about the new cervical screening program

An online petition against changes to Australia’s cervical cancer screening program has revealed that more than 70,000 people (most probably women) are concerned about...

Should I start nursing studies at age 59?

Last year Patricia asked Nurse Uncut readers whether she should start nursing studies at age 49. Now Paul, who is 10 years older, has...




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