Trying to move from mental health to general nursing

Today, Lily seeks advice. Please offer your thoughts in the comments below.

I am currently employed in mental health and have been for the past three years. I have been attempting to transition into general nursing for over two years now and have been actively applying over the past six months for general nursing positions, but keep getting told that I do not have the relevant clinical experience.


When I request feedback on my applications or discuss this with workforce managers in a number of major teaching hospitals, I get told that employers are only interested in nurses with general experience or who are in the new graduate program.

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Nursing home food – is it edible?

A Canberra woman has complained to the Aged Care Complaints Scheme about the treatment of her elderly mother in a nursing home. Amongst her complaints was the quality of the food, which had directly detrimental effects on her mother’s health – she was dehydrated and her diabetes spiralled out of control. Some nights dinner for the resident would be two party pies and a banana.


If you work in aged care (or even in a hospital), what do you think about the quality of the food? Does your facility offer different cultural cuisines, eg Indian, Chinese or Lebanese food, for those from non-Anglo backgrounds? How about vegetarians or those on special diets? Could you live on the food that’s served to the residents where you work?


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Advice wanted: how do I cope with trauma as a nurse?

As a nurse or midwife, how do you cope with witnessing trauma and traumatised people? That’s the question Antonia asks today, seeking advice from other nurses. Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

Antonia writes: I spent 13 hours in ED yesterday with only a 20-minute break. Working alongside doctors and nurses who worked the same hours as me for half as much as a plumber gets.

How can I relate normally to anyone after this? Paranoia sets in, because we cannot meet the demands of people who look to the government to provide the support a community would give, except that there is no community that most damaged people will access, because community means sharing and tolerance and working for the connection to the spirit that drugs give them instantly.


How can I bounce around when I’m full of the tragedy of others?

Ideas please on how to cope with vicarious trauma – beside watching my kids, TV and the beach…


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Parking for inner-city community nurses

Marrickville and Leichhardt councils in inner-Sydney will provide special parking permits for community nurses and home care workers following a campaign by nurses working within the Sydney Alliance community group.

The two Inner West councils join the City of Sydney, which already has a special Care Worker Parking Permit in place.

inner west community nurse with equipment

A community nurse sets out with all her equipment.

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Advance care planning survey for practice nurses

NSW practice nurses’ views on Advance Care Planning are wanted! Complete an online survey and stand a chance to win one of five store vouchers worth $50 each. All information will be kept confidential and the email address for the prize draw is collected separately.

This survey is designed by primary care researchers from UNSW’s School of Public and Community Medicine and approved by the UNSW Human Research Ethics Panel. We wish to learn about the beliefs, attitudes, experiences, confidence and training and education needs of practice nurses. The insights gathered will inform the planning and design of ACP training programs for practice nurses to facilitate ACP in the primary health care sector.


Complete the survey here. It closes on 25 September.

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