Keep it public on the Northern Beaches

The Northern Beaches Hospital is Not for Sale campaign is getting into gear. The NSW Government aims to largely replace Manly and Mona Vale public hospitals on the Northern Beaches of Sydney with a new hospital at Frenchs Forest. However, instead of being a public hospital, this will be operated by a private company in a private-public partnership (PPP). Nursing and midwifery staff will find themselves no longer public servants but in private employ, with concomitant eventual loss of conditions.

northern-beaches-FBLynn Hopper of Manly Hospital (third from right in this photo) raised that point at a recent community meeting, which had a surprise visitor – Premier Mike Baird, MP for Manly. Watch a short video of that meeting below.

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Anthony: with Medecins Sans Frontieres in Bougaineville

“The highest reward of my work in Buin was being able to report zero maternal mortality”. Nurse Anthony Flynn talks about his work in Papua New Guinea with Médecins Sans Frontières.

At the end of June last year I returned from Papua New Guinea’s province of Bougainville, where I worked for a year as Medical Head of Mission for the international medical humanitarian aid organisation, Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders).

Anthony Flynn

Anthony Flynn in front of a map of PNG in his office, PNG 2013.

Médecins Sans Frontières has been supporting the provincial health authority to implement primary health care services in south Bougainville since 2010.

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Podcasts: aged care nurses forum May 2014

The annual education forum for aged care nurses was held at the NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association in south Sydney in May.

You can listen to podcasts of the main guest speakers by clicking on the arrows. The link to the 2013 forum podcasts is below.

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April’s story: Nursing is inflexible and hostile to mothers

April Abbott writes: I wrote this to highlight the difficulties I face as a mother of two young children returning to work. I’m shocked at the inflexibility of our system and the overt attempts to push mothers out of the workplace. More importantly, I wrote it to show that this is an issue that affects all Australians, because if we don’t act now we risk losing a valuable section of our nursing population. I hope my colleagues will read it and understand that it’s not about mums wanting the best shifts or choosing to be difficult. It is simply that many of us are faced with the choice of fighting for roster stability or leaving. Can we sit by and watch?

Let’s face it; the future of healthcare in Australia looks bleak. As a society we’re getting older and sicker and we keep expecting more of a system that just can’t keep up with the demand. When you add an ageing nursing population and the very real prospect of a healthcare workforce shortage, the picture looks pretty grim. So why is it that, in the midst of a national debate about health care funding, a Registered Nurse (RN) with over seven years experience in Intensive Care and an extra three in other areas of nursing can’t get a permanent job in a hospital? The answer – because I’m a mother. 


April and her family.

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Fit for the Future – nurse and midwife health survey

If you’re a nurse or midwife in NSW, you’re invited to take part in Fit for the future: ensuring the health and wellbeing of the NSW nursing workforce to sustain future healthcare service delivery.

This large validated survey will provide information that will inform practical strategies to improve health and wellbeing for you and your colleagues.


The survey is anonymous and open to all NSW nurses and midwives from all areas, public, private or aged care.

Take the survey.

If you have any questions,  contact Rachel Nicholls - Research Fellow UTS on (02) 9514 8049. NSWNMA members can contact Mark Kearin or Dr Janet Roden - Professional Officers on (02) 8595 1234.

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