Healthcare groups offer medical asylum

Two of Australia’s large Catholic healthcare providers have joined the groundswell of voices calling for the Government to let the asylum seekers stay rather than be deported to Nauru. Major Australian cities will see Stand For Sanctuary rallies this evening. Read on for details…

Two of Australia’s largest Catholic healthcare organisations have offered to provide medical support to any of the 267 asylum seekers applying for church sanctuary to avoid their forced removal to the Nauru detention centre and are encouraging other hospital groups to do the same.

This act of moral leadership comes just days after churches around Australia, in a true act of compassion and political defiance, boldly offered sanctuary within their walls to these people. Premier Daniel Andrews also offered the entire state of Victoria as a sanctuary for the 267 people in line for deportation.


St Vincent’s Health Australia – which has hospitals in NSW, Queensland and Victoria – and Calvary Health Care – which has hospitals in NSW, Tasmania, South Australia, Victoria and the ACT – said their decision to offer medical support to those seeking church sanctuary reflected their ‘sacred duty’ as healing organisations.

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Morning wake up time for aged care residents

Waking aged care residents in order to get them showered before the end of the night shift is a vexed issue which continues to attract attention here on Nurse Uncut, since we posted about it in April 2011.

Some of you have asked about any regulations or standards you can use when you’re worried your relatives are being woken too early for a shower or as a nurse you are being directed to get them up too early.

Morning Rising Time for Patients in Nursing Homes_001

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Communication – so you think you got it right?

It’s interesting what you say, writes retired nurse Ann-Marie. It’s even interesting what others receive… So always try to listen carefully. Sometimes the important stuff is in there amongst all the other bits.

Some of Ann-Marie’s funny communication tales…

Humour gone awry: Checking one patient, I jokingly asked, “False eye removed?” “Oh, just a minute, I didn’t realise I had to take it out” and he turned around and promptly popped it out. Gobsmacked with that one.


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150,000 people have signed our petition because pathology cuts affect all of us

This article was originally written for the Guardian (Australia edition).

It was a nasty surprise to hear that, in the lead-up to Christmas, the government announced yet another measure targeting the affordability of healthcare.

This time they’ve gone after essential pathology services and diagnostic procedures, including pap smears, MRIs, urine/blood tests, STI checks, x-rays and ultrasounds, by cutting $650m from bulk billing incentive payments.

Cuts - Original

I am a 25-year-old woman who has thyroid problems and I require regular blood tests in order to stay healthy. Not only that, I rely on regular pap smears to stay safe from cervical cancer. Some of my friends were similarly outraged when they heard they might have to start paying for these services, so we worked together to start a campaign against these changes.

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Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) – on the brink

Australia, along with 11 other Pacific Rim countries, including the US, Japan, Canada and New Zealand[1], has nearly signed off on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) – a multi-country trade agreement, negotiated in secret, that seeks to change our laws, threaten our healthcare system and open the door for multinational companies to sue our government.

The only chance of stopping the TPP is in the Senate and we ask you to send an email to NSW Senators to explain your concerns and ask them to vote No.

We strongly encourage you to contact NSW Federal Senators and ask them to vote NO on implementing legislation.

Once you’ve read about the TPP process and outcomes, you’ll be as concerned as we are.

Over the last five years the TPP has been negotiated in secret. During that time we’ve had to rely on a small number of leaked documents in order to see what our government was up to. The leaks have been enough to have healthcare professionals and academics around the world very concerned.

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