Last day to enter! Celebrate Nurse Uncut’s two-year anniversary and win $500!

Today (Friday 23rd September) is the LAST DAY to enter our Nurse Uncut contest!

To celebrate Nurse Uncut’s second year we are running a promotion, and the first prize is an ME Bank EveryDay Transaction Account with a $500 deposit.

To enter, tell us which of the below campaigns you felt proud to be involved in.

A. Organising For Safe Patient Care (One2Four)
B. Because We Care.

To enter, leave a comment on this contest post and answer with either Option A: Public Sector Campaign “The Way to Safe Patient Care” or Option B: Because We Care.

It’s so easy to enter, right?

There are some fantastic prizes up for grabs, so get your entries in!

FIRST PRIZE: An ME Bank EveryDay Transaction Account with a $500 deposit

SECOND PRIZE: An Elsevier book voucher valued at $150

THIRD PRIZE: An Elsevier book voucher valued at $100

Terms and Conditions:

1. Winners will be picked through
2. The promotion is open to nurses working in NSW
3. The promotion runs from today until September 23rd.
4. The winner of the ME Bank EveryDay Transaction Account must open their Account within fourteen (14) days of first being notified. ME Bank will deposit the prize into the Account no later than thirty (30) days after the Account has been opened. Before opening an ME Bank EveryDay Transaction Account, consider if this product is appropriate for you. Fees, charges, terms and conditions apply.

To find out more about ME Bank visit

Image credits: ME Bank

Don’t forget to enter our Nurse Uncut 2nd year anniversary contest to win $500 from ME Bank! 



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10 Responses to Last day to enter! Celebrate Nurse Uncut’s two-year anniversary and win $500!

  1. Casie Brown says:

    Option A “The Way to Safe Patient Care”.

  2. GORDO says:

    ” Because We Care “…

    As an Aged Care RN, I’m doing my bit, by staying in the Sector. I’ve commited myself to enrol and progress through a Master of Science ( Dementia Care ) program.
    If there is truely a ‘Nursing Shortage’, then in theory, I could get a job in any sector of Nursing. Is that true? i think not. There is not an actual shortage of nurses, there is a dysfunctional process in the recruitment process for Nursing positions advertised. this relates to aspects of the recruitment process, such as criminal record checking; interview procedures, and the system of using ONLY telephone references ( not paper references ). So, in Aged care, in the Private Sector, we still have the wage gap. Why would anyone want to wourk for $6. an hour less than other RNs in Public Health? The answer is… ‘Because we Care’…. Aged Care Nurses do it for reasons other tan the pay. At least the Federal Govt. see some sense in offering these Nurses the opportunity to inprove their education, by way of providing Aged care sholarships. But at the end of the day, we are still underpaid, compared to Nurses in the Public Sector of Aged Care.

  3. milo Bamford says:

    option b : i love working in aged care because at 40 i’m still considered young

  4. IronMaiden says:

    I’m picking option A. It is far from perfect but at least it is a start.

  5. Nicole davenport says:

    Organising safer patient care – 1:4 because so many nurses don’t have safe staffing patient ratios ultimately leads to better health services provision. It’s a win for the nurses and the patients. Who wouldn’t think that was great!

  6. bec says:

    A) safe patient ratios 1:4
    This campaign highlighted why i love my job as a nurse (the patients)but how i honestly but secretly felt i was constantly letting my patients down as they deserved more than i alone could provide. The fight for better ratios made me realise that others nurses were also feeling disappointed in the system. By joining the nswna campaign i felt like i was fighting back on behalf of my patients and i felt empowered to say that what was happening was not good enough

  7. judi webb says:

    option A

    by far the best thing about this protest was the support from the people of NSW…it is thier hospitals, their care, their nurses…..result not as we wanted but a start … we have to keep the pressure on

  8. Melissa McEwan says:

    Option A: Organising for safe patient care (one2four). This not only provides safe patient care but also cares for nurses. Nurses: we need to look after them as they are a dying breed

  9. Angie says:

    1:4 The minimum staffing for safe pt care

  10. deborah noakes says:

    Option A: Organising for Safe Patient care.
    The success with winning ratios in public hospitals will help improve patient safety, stop the exodus of nurses from the system and I hope encourage the nurses of the future to join and stay in the profession. As a community nurse myself I’m looking forward to the day we can get ratios in the community!

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