Bedside handovers – patient privacy

Jenny asks what other nurses think about bedside handovers in a shared room. Please leave your thoughts in comments below.

Just wondering how clinical nurses feel about bedside handovers and patient privacy in a shared room?


I realise personal information should not be divulged during these bedside handovers, but it does happen. My suggestion is that we do a second handover at the completion of the bedside handover to share information that is not appropriate at the bedside.

Of course this would make the handover longer.

What do other nurses think?


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Bedpans and other memories from the 1970s

Bernhard has already told Nurse Uncut some of his story of nursing at the old Lidcombe Hospital. Here he continues to unfold his memories.

I started nursing on 22 February 1971.

Why do I remember this? Who knows, but I know it must be so important that without my mind retaining this critical information, life on Earth will cease to have meaning! It is the same as the fact that when I started at Lidcombe Hospital, its phone number was 6497932. Try as I might, that number refuses to leave me.


Bernhard Rasz.

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Nurse nurture thyself

Jenyfer is a student in her final year of the Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced) and also works as an nurse. She blogs for Nurse Uncut about the lack of advice for nursing students on how to take care of themselves in a stressful profession.

I am in the car driving, with one hand on the wheel and the other holding my precious cup of coffee. It is almost 11pm on a Friday night and while most people are safe in bed or at a party, I am driving to work another night shift at the hospital.


As I arrive at a red light, I close my eyes and pray to God to help me get through this night. If you think night shifts are boring, I am sorry to say that is far from the truth. Yes there are the few blessed patients who can happily snooze, but I can assure you there will always be patients the night nurses will never forget. I remember one patient, an elderly gentleman who was the paragon of tranquility during the day. Yet as soon as the clock struck midnight he would come out of his room and start throwing the chairs and cups along with a few colourful words at the nurses. Continue reading

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My grandad Joe, WW1 nurse

Registered nurse Mark Quealy has only recently discovered the story of his grandfather’s nursing work during World War One. Mark’s grandad Joe was not a trained nurse but we reckon his experience definitely comes under the category of ‘nursing’. Mark reflects on his story.

In November 1915 my grandad Joe Banney landed as part of the ANZAC invasion forces in Turkey amongst the snow-covered hills. He left six weeks later during the withdrawal suffering from dysentery and influenza. He was hospitalised and recuperated in Egypt.

He then trained as a stretcher bearer before moving to the Western Front in France. His training and duties included Advanced First Aid, triaging and dressing of wounds.

dressing station

Australians at an Advanced Dressing Station 1917

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Judith Kiejda: a massive blow for mothers

Judith Kiejda, Assistant General Secretary of the NSW Nurses and Midwives Association, spoke at the ACTU Congress in Melbourne today on union determination to oppose federal government cuts to the paid parental leave scheme (PPL). Here is Judith’s speech as she moved the resolution (which can be found below).

I acknowledge the Wurrungeree people as owners of this land and any elders past and present.

As Assistant Secretary of the union representing over 60,000 nurses and midwives in NSW – the majority of whom, it won’t surprise you to know, are women – I am proud to be moving this important resolution.


Judith addresses the 2015 ACTU Congress.

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