Stevie’s EN diary: New, again

Stevie’s new grad enrolled nurse diary continues.

You know what sucks? Being new, again. I have recently moved from one ward to another as part of the graduate program I am on and quite frankly, it sucks.

I don’t like change. But let’s be honest, what nurse likes change? It’s not part of our makeup. What nurse jumps up and down and goes ‘Yes! A new way of doing things! A new form! This is the best day ever!’ Nah. That ain’t ever gonna happen.

I was happy on my last ward. I stepped onto that ward the first time and it felt like home. It was home for six months. I did take a while to ‘get it’ and find my feet, but I found my feet and now the rug has been taken out from under me and I am back to feeling like I don’t have a clue what I’m doing. I feel useless and a pain in the arse to my workmates because I am just not coping with my workload.


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Ratios a hot topic in NSW election campaign

The NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association has welcomed an election commitment by NSW Labor to employ 840 additional nurses in emergency departments and paediatric wards and mandate nurse-to-patient ratios under new legislation.

General Secretary of the NSWNMA Brett Holmes said the commitment was evidence of the ongoing effort by nurses and midwives, who had campaigned tirelessly for expanded and improved legally-enforceable ratios over several years.

Pam Illingworth_Pushpa Prasad & Michael Kirby at St George Hospital

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Musings of a mental health nurse

Leigh has been a mental health nurse since 2007.  She has worked in inpatient and community settings, in both rural and metropolitan mental health services. Currently she works in a busy metropolitan inpatient service.

Why would anyone choose to be a mental health nurse?! It’s a question my colleagues and I face almost daily, along with “oh, so you’re not a real nurse, then?” The second is always the easier one to answer.  Yes, in fact I am a “real nurse”. I am a registered nurse who has chosen to work in a very demanding, specialist nursing field.

So, why? This question is a bit more difficult to answer, largely because some days I really wonder myself why I have chosen this field of nursing.


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How can I move from aged care to anaesthetics?

Mary asks for advice about changing from aged care to anaesthetics nursing. 

I’m an RN who has been working in aged care for the past four years since my graduation. I’ve enjoyed my work very much. However, I have a dream to become an anaesthetic nurse but have no idea how am I going to make the career change.

I’ve contacted a couple of universities to find out if I can enrol in any courses that will allow me to enter the field I’m interested in.  Unfortunately, all of them have stated I need to have some clinical knowledge and should have worked in the particular field at least 12-24 months to be eligible to study the course.


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Penalty rates: 13,000 nurses and midwives respond

A couple of weeks ago we asked you to take part in an ANMF survey on penalty rates – what do they mean to you as a nurse or midwife? Well, over 13,000 of you responded across Australia and it’s clear that you value penalty rates very highly.

An overwhelming 93 percent of survey respondents warn that they are prepared to take action to protect their penalty rates – over 60% said this would include stop work or strike action.

penalty rates theatre

The survey received 13,101 responses, with its key findings showing that:

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