Nurses make films too!

To help members get into gear for the NSWNMA 2015 NSWNMA Nurses and Midwives Short Film Festival, NIDA recently ran a special creative workshop for nurses and midwives.

Today we have two short films for you - a film in which Ciara, Caroline, Meg and Chris discuss their very positive experience of the workshop and another witty little film which they made during the workshop – Blind Date. You’ll be impressed by their talents!

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Special new art for the NSWNMA

Last year’s NSWNMA Christmas event was special – it saw the official launch of the wonderful artworks commissioned by the Association from the Boom Gate Gallery, which works with artists who are inmates at Long Bay Correctional Centre. Dancers from the Jannawi Dance Clan made the event even more special.

Brett Holmes spoke on the night about how the art commission came about, while Jan Birmingham of the Boom Gate Gallery officially opened the paintings in the NSWNMA auditorium.

Brett Holmes: When the Association moved to this building [late 2010] we made a decision to honour the traditional owners, past and present, of the land on which this building sits, by giving our meeting rooms Aboriginal names.

We have called this auditorium the Gadigal Room. This room is where many large meetings are held – over 200 delegates representing workplaces from across NSW meet here every two months to discuss matters of concern to nurses and midwives.

The Jannawi Dance Clan help to celebrate the paintings in the Gadigal Auditorium.

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The minefield of Zoe’s Law

Coral Levett, President of both the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation and the NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association, was the keynote speaker on Zoe’s Law at Sydney’s recent International Women’s Day March. Coral’s speech will also appear in the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Journal.

International Women’s Day is normally a day for celebration. It is an opportunity to celebrate our differences and the many gains women have made throughout history. Sadly, celebrations for the women in NSW (and ultimately elsewhere) were marred by recent events in the NSW Parliament.

Zoe’s Law Bill (No 2) was introduced to the Parliament by Liberal MP Chris Spence. It proposes to allow charges of grievous bodily harm to be brought against someone who hurts a foetus of more than 20 weeks or 400 grams. A similar Bill was promulgated by Reverend Fred Nile (Christian Democrat in the NSW Legislative Council) at the time of the incident but did not proceed through a lack of support.

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Podcasts on nurses and environmental health

Feedback from the seminar on Environmental Health on 14 March was extremely positive – Bernhard wrote an account of the day here. Those who couldn’t make it can now listen to the expert speakers via podcast – click on the link to listen now or right click to download and save to your computer for later listening.

Teresa Lewis, Fiona Armstrong, Barbara Sattler and panel organiser Janet Roden.

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Six Q+As about funding Medicare

We are currently witnessing the early stages of ‘death by a thousand privatisations’ of the Australian public health system and Medicare. Ideas for a co-payment for GP visits have been floated since January, but that’s just the beginning. The suggestion that Medicare is ‘unsustainable’ and too expensive is being broadcast by various Federal Government politicians – no doubt this is part of a softening up process of public opinion for the findings of the Audit Commission, which will also undoubtedly discover that Medicare funding can’t be sustained.

But is this inevitable? Is it even true? Let’s find out.

Is the growth in public spending on health making Medicare unaffordable?

Just because the Government says something, doesn’t make it true. The reality is that in the coming decades, spending on healthcare will grow but incomes will also grow.

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