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Understanding how acute care nurses experience and manage grief

Project Title: Understanding how acute care nurses experience and manage grief after the death of a patient in their care: A constructivist grounded theory...

An aged care Enrolled Nurse speaks out

Earlier this year, a study showed there'd been an increase in preventable deaths in aged care. Kylie's an aged care nurse and had a...

Drunk or on drugs? Misdiagnosis can be dangerous

Doctors and nurses can't always tell if someone's drunk or on drugs and misdiagnosis can be dangerous. Even emergency department staff can have trouble...

8 Questions To Ask When Assessing Someone’s Pain

Pain is uncomfortable for everyone, and is usually a sign of something more serious that needs to be dealt with – like another condition...

Registered Nurse – Triple Care Farm David Martin Place

We're seeking a registered nurse in Robertson, NSW. Is that you? Not for profit salary packaging and other benefits Permanent Part Time Located in...

9 signs you’re a burntout nurse

People who work in healthcare are the most susceptible to workplace burnout. Whether you're a nurse, carer, or midwife, working in hospitals or aged...

9 ways to take better photos

The NSW Nurses and Midwives Association is sponsoring this year’s Your Health Link National Photographic Competition, so what are you waiting for? Dust off...

Maureen: child and family health nurse

Thinking about becoming a child and family health nurse? Maureen's journey from London to Sydney via Switzerland gives some insight into what kind of skills...

8 Tips to help prevent varicose veins in nurses and midwives

If you are a working nurse, you may have concerns about developing varicose veins. For many reasons, these fears are justified. The risk factors...




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