“It broke my heart”: An RN reflects on the state of Aged Care

Nurse Rhianna worked in Aged Care before becoming a hospital nurse. What she saw in those residential Aged Care facilities truly broke her heart.  While...

Everyone can be an effective advocate for vaccination: here’s how

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has named vaccine hesitancy as one of their top 10 threats to global health for 2019.

5 foods you need in your snack stash

We all know that nurses and midwives are incredibly time-poor, and we skip lunch breaks more often than we should! Here’s five healthy and...

Safe Procedural Sedation Competencies to be rolled out

Are you a nurse or midwife involved in the safe sedation of patients? Make sure you’re up to date with the new ANZCA competencies...

Laugh Without Leaking: making laughter – and pelvic floor exercises – the best medicine

The Continence Foundation of Australia is launching its 2019 national health awareness campaign, Laugh Without Leaking to coincide with World Continence Week. It features humour...

“We are in crisis”: Aged Care Worker speaks out

Aged Care AIN Sue shares her experience of working in Aged Care, and why she's fighting so hard for a better deal for our...

Are you burnt out at work? Ask yourself these 4 questions

It’s normal to feel stressed at work from time to time. But for some people, the stress becomes all-consuming, leading to exhaustion, cynicism and...

The 5 most common signs of nursing and midwifery burnout

Nursing and midwifery are both very physically and emotionally demanding. Being a caregiver and connecting with the most sick and vulnerable on a daily...

5 ways that being a nurse can make you a better parent

You learn a lot in nursing school, and even more once you start practicing. You learn how to become a patient advocate, a lifesaver,...


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