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Last Wednesday’s special strike meeting of the NSWNMA decided to escalate community and workplace actions in the Ratios Put Patient Safety First campaign. The first step includes reaching a goal of 100,000 signatures on the current petition by mid-September.

As Brett Holmes told the gathered mass of nurses and midwives, getting this many signatures on the petition is about more than just numbers – it’s about having 100,000 conversations about ratios and safe patient care.

And if everyone at the 18 stop-work meetings on that day were to get signatures from colleagues, friends and family, the Association would not even have to break into a sweat to reach the goal of 100,000. Let’s extend that to all our Nurse Uncut readers too.

Signing petitions at Olympic Park on July 24.

So, download the petition here and photocopy a couple of pages and get to work collecting signatures!

Bear in mind that in order for the petition to be admissible to the NSW Legislative Assembly, certain rules must be followed:

• Each page of signatures must be headed with the words of the  request.

•  Every signature must be original handwriting and signatures must not be pasted on, photocopied or transferred in any other way.

•  The petition must be signed by the people whose names are listed, using their own signature or mark if they are unable to write. Every person signing a petition must write their address after  their signature.

Once the petition has been filled out, please return the originals to the NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association: Attn: Lisa Kremmer, Director of Operations,  50 O’Dea Ave, Waterloo,  NSW 2017.


The Petition of citizens of NSW brings to the attention of the House the existence of a two-tier health system in New South Wales where the level of nursing care a patient receives is directly related to his/her postcode. Less nursing staff in country hospitals means that patient safety could be compromised for people living in these areas. All citizens of New South Wales deserve the right to safe patient care which can be achieved through nurse-to-patient ratios.

 If a patient is admitted to a metro hospital with pneumonia, for example, they would receive 6 hours of nursing care per day. The same patient would receive only 5 hours of nursing care for the same condition in a country hospital; in some cases even less if the hospital is understaffed and under resourced.

Nursing hours delivered via ratios must also be expanded in some specialty units like community and community mental health nursing, paediatric, neonatal intensive care units (NICU), emergency departments and other critical care units.

The undersigned petitioners ask the Legislative Assembly to mandate nurse-to patient ratios in all hospitals – including country hospitals in the public health system as well as some specialty units. Patients in all regions in New South Wales should have access to the same level of nursing care that is currently available to patients in metro hospitals.

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