2020 Health care climate challenge


Can your hospital do something meaningful to reduce its carbon footprint? Well, nine leading health care institutions from around the globe are pledging to take action on climate change, kicking off a campaign to mobilise hospitals worldwide to address this pressing problem.

The health systems have signed up to the 2020 Health Care Climate Challenge, an initiative from Health Care Without Harm’s Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Network.  The 2020 Challenge invites health care systems and hospitals to reduce their carbon footprint and protect public health from climate change in the run-up to the United Nations Conference on Climate Change this December in Paris.

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The 2020 Challenge also marks the first international effort ever to track emissions and take measurable actions to reduce the health sector’s carbon footprint.

Who can participate and how can your hospital participate? The Environmental Health seminar in southwest Sydney on 15 May will have sessions on how to get things started at your workplace.

The 2020 Challenge participants, health systems from Asia-Pacific, Africa, Latin America, Europe and the United States, have committed to substantially reduce their own carbon footprint, prepare to withstand extreme weather events and to promote public policies to reduce greenhouse emissions.  Together they represent the interests of more than 300 hospitals.

Hundreds more from around the world are expected to join the Challenge in coming months – will yours be one of them?

The Challenge FAQs.

Several of the initial participants, such as the NHS in Britain, have already committed to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent or more by the year 2020. All have also pledged to encourage public policy, economic development, and investment strategies that move their societies away from fossil fuel dependency and toward healthy energy alternatives.

The 2020 Challenge is now open for hospitals and health systems from around the world to join. Global Green and Healthy Hospitals is organising a series of events around the world to build momentum for the Challenge in the lead-up to the Paris Conference.

Follow the 2020 Health Care Climate Challenge on Twitter via hashtag #2020Challenge.

The Environmental Health seminar in southwest Sydney on 15 May will have sessions on how to get things started at your workplace. 




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