3 Latest Nursing News and Issues: What’s Your Take?


hot_news-sxc-jayofboy-2Everyday, we wake up to all sorts of news and issues. The health professions certainly has its fair share. Here are three of the most recent health news stories that got our attention lately…

  • Staff Threatened with a Syringe – A 37-year-old man threatened a nursing staff at Gunnedah Hospital in regional NSW. The man went to hospital, complaining of a throat infection. When he walked in to the treatment room, he grabbed a nurse and threatened her with a syringe. He did the same with a doctor. He then grabbed some drugs and ran away. Four hours later, a man was arrested and charged with aggravated armed robbery and stealing.
  • Nurses Protest about Lack of Staffing – Nurses has recently staged a protest outside Blackwood Hospital due to staffing issues. They’re demanding an increasing in state government funding to address the lack of staff in hospitals.
  • Healthcare Reform Passes U.S. Congress – U.S. President Obama must be relieved as Congresses passes his healthcare reform. After the vote, the American President was quoted saying, “After decades of trying and a year of sustained effort and debate, the US Congress finally declared that America’s workers, families and small businesses deserve the security of knowing that neither injury nor accident will endanger the dreams they’ve worked a lifetime to achieve.”

What do you think about these news stories and issues? Have your say!

Image source: Jayofboy (via sxc.hu)


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