4 Skin Care Tips for Nurses and Midwives


Regardless of how you spend your day – in theatres, caring for the elderly or on the ward –  there are always elements that will have an effect on your skin and how it feels. Things like… lack of sleep from night shift, lack of hydration, stress and exposure to changes in temperature. While you may not be exposed to the sun for long periods of time as a nurse or midwife, your skin can still get dried out and damaged. Exposure to air-conditioning for hours on end can be a nightmare for your skin and lead to it being more dry and dull than usual.

To avoid long-term effects on your skin, it’s important to be proactive and prepare your skin before you enter a harsh air con working environment.


Starting your routine with a cleanser will ensure your skin is prepped to absorb the hydration and nutrients that follow. For normal to dry skin, use a cleanser with a combination of natural oils to soothe, soften and calm the skin. If your skin is oily try a cleanser with Cocoa Seed Butter which will slow water loss on the skin’s surface.


Oils and serums are fast becoming an essential part of everyone’s daily routine – they deliver nutrients to the skin like food does to the body. Look for one with Tri-Peptides to boost collagen product (for long term benefits) and antioxidant properties to protect the skin against free radicals during your shift.


Boost your skin’s radiance with a moisturised with Ceramides within the formula. These are specifically targeted to protect against harsh environmental conditions, restore moisture in the skin and fortify the skin’s natural barrier.


Last but not least – if you’re looking to enhance your skin even further a good BB cream provides the triple threat of a HD Foundation, nourishing anti-aging moisturiser and SPF30 sun protection. The star ingredient of this makeup multi-tasker is Snail Mucus, a popular ingredient throughout the world because of its skin-rejuvenating properties, assisting to repair the skin over time. The SPF30 ensures your skin is protected during any incidental sun exposure, or should you enjoy a quick break in the sunshine.

The right combination of skin care goes a long way to not only ensure your skin looks and feels great during work hours, but to make sure the effects of a harsh working environment do not impact your skin in the long term.

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