5 easy ways to survive the Easter temptations at work


Nurse Nik gives us her top tips for surviving those dreaded Easter cravings.

I have always really enjoyed working at Easter. Not because of the chocolate. It’s always for the penalty rates, of course. But, it also has its downside… it’s the chocolate! And, there’s always so much of them.

Some may think that it is not a downside at all, because let’s face it, most nurses love chocolate — and, it definitley helps to get through those long night duties. So, with Easter almost upon us once more, I tried to think about what might make the chocolate and hot cross bun season a little less taxing on the waistline.

I am not sure about you, but I am not very good at saying no to chocolate. So, I think it would be totally unrealistic to think that I would eat none of it. Therefore, it is more realistic to think that I should make sure there are choices available to me that are healthier. So, when I know that we are having an Easter spread it is better for me, and less tempting when I know that I have choices.

To me, fruit and veg are awesome snacks, but I don’t want to be the person who is chopping them up. Baking is more my style, so I am also my own worst enemy. I love eating them and always go for them first when there is any type of work spread but I still finish up eating the bad food as well.

What is the solution? Here are my top tips for surviving the Easter cravings

1. When you are having a special lunch or meal at Easter, get people to say what they are bringing and make sure there are a variety of food options, some sweet, some savoury and some healthy like celery, carrots etc.

2. Just because you are working Easter doesn’t mean you need to make sure all of the chocolate is consumed on those few days. Have some of the chocolate put aside so that appropriate amounts can be dished out over days or even weeks. We use the NUMs’ office as we don’t have access to it after hours

3. Allow yourself some treats but ration them, whether that be by selecting some chocolate and making that your allowance for the day or the shift and putting it aside. That way, at morning tea, lunch or whatever break you get, you can have a mouthful or a bite and know that you have some more for your tea break later in the day.

4. Think realistically… and don’t feel guilty for allowing yourself some sweet treats

5. Enjoy the penalty rates that come with the public holidays


Be grateful that the Easter Bunny thinks that nurses who work at Easter are well deserving of nice treats to get them through.

So, how do you and your ward celebrate Easter?


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