5 reasons why the LGBTIQ community needs to get behind nurse-to-patient ratios

Nurses and midwives are calling on you to support nurse-to-patient ratios this Mardi Gras / Photo Credit: Tim Dalby

There’s no doubt about it – nurse-to-patient ratios save lives. This Mardi Gras season, we go through five reasons why lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex and queer people need a mandated nurse-to-patient ratios system.

1. Ratios save lives

Shift-by-shift ratios reduce mortality rates for those who have to access hospital services. Whether it’s you or a loved one, don’t risk unsafe staffing levels.

2. Ratios mean more nurses in emergency

LGBTIQ people will access EDs for a wide number of reasons – from accessing PEP or needing assistance with drug use, to seeking help after a violent incident. More nurses in Emergency will mean faster waiting times and better quality of care.

3. Our siblings in Queensland and Victoria have them – with fantastic results

NSW can’t be beaten by Victoria and Queensland! Whether it’s a Pride Centre, outlawing conversion therapy or supporting Safe Schools, it seems like those across the border get to have it better than we do! It’s time for us to get the healthcare we deserve.

“Don’t risk unsafe staffing levels” / Photo credit: Tim Dalby

4. Ratios will improve person-centred care

Everyone has different needs when it comes to health care, and none more specific than members of our community. We need nurses to provide person-centred care, not just be able to complete jobs because they don’t have the time to look after you properly.

5. Your LGBTIQ siblings in the profession will love you for it

With so many queer nurses and midwives, you’ll be doing so many members of our community a favour by backing ratios! You’ll be reducing nurse burnout, and keeping more people within the profession.

This Mardi Gras season, pledge to support nurse-to-patient ratios! Your voice – and your vote – is a matter of life or death.    


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