5 Spooky Snacks That Nurses and Midwives Will Love


The best bit about Halloween creeping into Australian culture from the USA, is being able to make some creepy looking snacks for our friends, family and colleagues. Here’s some of our favourite snacks to bring the SCARY to life on your ward. Some of these will really bring out that classic dark sense of humour that nurses and midwives share!

  1. Brain Cupcakes

Cupcakes are pretty easy to throw together and even easier to turn into something frightening. We think these will taste better than they look.

  1. Blood-covered cheesecake

Getting that blood colour will be crucial in making this cheesecake work. Want to make it a little scarier? Add some sugar-based broken glass!

  1. Marshmallow bones

These are a little tricky but could you think of a more perfect treat for any orthopaedic nurse? Make them a little bit more special by using some scissors to cut zig-zag bone breaks after they’re cooked.

  1. Gingerbread babies

These cuties are simple enough to put together and with a little tweaking to the recipe, can be turned into smaller gingerbread babies. Scare your fellow midwives by telling them you’re bringing in dozens of ‘babies’!

  1. Strawberry lamingtons

A simple twist on the Aussie classic. Not exactly the scariest dessert you’ve ever seen but we think this will go down a treat. Don’t forget you can cut them in half to add jam before you ice them.

With Halloween on a Tuesday this year, making some snacks like these will really help get you through the middle of the week with a bit of fun. Now go and get spooky!

Share your stories about the scariest costume you’ve ever worn to work!


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