5 things to know before becoming a nurse

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Want to be a nurse? Here’s 5 things you REALLY need to know!

  1. Hollywood gets it wrong.

Think nursing is all glitz and glamour? Reckon Dr McDreamy will walk in any moment now? Nursing is a world of fun, but it’s not what the silver screen portrays it be. There’s a lot of guts, blood and other bodily fluids, and you deal with a very diverse range of patients and staff. But don’t worry: it’s a very rewarding job.

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  1. Male nurses do exist.

In fact, over 10% of Australian nurses identify as men. They work in every field, and are an important part of our nursing teams.

Male nurses make up over 10% of our workforce | Photo Credit: Canva
  1. We are the most trusted profession for a reason

Nurses go through a lot of training, a lot of class work, and a lot of practical experience. We also get to see people at their most vulnerable. It takes a lot of effort, guts and heart, but it’s why we’re so well trusted within our communities.

  1. There are a lot of acronyms.

RN, EN, CNE, DON. What the heck are all of these acronyms! Nurses have their own language and jargon, and it can be pretty intimidating for those new to our profession. But we promise you’ll get the hang of it!

Being an educator is juyst one of many opportunities available to you as a nurse | Photo Credit: Getty
  1. The opportunities are endless.

Regardless of what you want to do, there’s an opportunity in our nursing family for you. It’s not all clinical work for nurses; you can also go into management, education or even academia. There’s no shortage of options for you to sink your teeth into!

Being a nurse might seem scary, but it’s a challenge well worth facing. Check out the list of nursing and midwifery courses here. And when you join, make sure you join your Professional Association!

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Our members in the public, private and aged care sectors have together achieved great gains for our profession. By becoming a member, you’ll be joining over 67,000 nurses and midwives in NSW and share the benefits of belonging while participating in a wide range of Association activities – as often or as little as you choose. Membership is also fully tax deductible.

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