5 Top Study Tips For Nursing Or Other Medical Exams


Exams! Even the word brings back memories of cramming, rewriting notes and stress!

studying for medical examExams are a terrible and stressful thing to study for, especially knowing that they can make or break your final mark. I don’t envy anyone having to memorise all that drug, health, and medical terminology.

Are you a student studying for medical exams?

If so, do you have any secret study tips? How do you study? How do you memorise things?  Tell us below!

The Australian Medical Council (AMC) Exam Prep Network were kind enough to give us some tips to help you with studying for your exams!

It is a comprehensive medical exam preparation system for all medical graduates for facing their Australian Medical Council (AMC) MCQ and Clinical Examination.

The online AMC MCQ practice exams test students cognitive knowledge and problem-solving ability relevant to the practice of Medicine in Australia.

The practice exam bank has over 2000+ multiple-choice questions with full length explanations and references that cover all of the core topics and modules tested on the real exam.

The detailed full-length explanations have been carefully developed by medical experts and specialists and will teach you the key concepts and knowledge needed for the AMC MCQ and Clinical exam.

The Exam Prep Network gave us five tips for students:

  1. Study as many questions as possible, avoid question banks without explanations as they are not of value.
  2. Study in groups especially for the clinical exams (especially for physical exams).
  3. Make summary notes for chapters – just focus on the core topics (90% of the time), don’t spend too much time on the rare conditions. Emergency cases for a particular system are very important and often examined. Share your summary notes with your group.
  4. Memorise the pathognomonic features of the common conditions (always on tests).
  5. Drugs side effects are important as well, don’t forget these for the main drug classes used for all the systems.

Come back to Nurse Uncut as we will be featuring the online quiz that the AMC Exam Prep Network provided soon!

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