7 reasons why you should register to vote for marriage equality


We asked some students why they think you should register to vote on the upcoming marriage equality survey. This is what they had to say:

  1. More young people support marriage equality than ever, and they should have their voices heard. – Victoria

It’s true! 81% of people between 18-24 said they supported marriage equality

2. Marriage equality affects so many more people than you think. – Christie









11% of Australians are estimated to be sex or gender diverse, and this change will be a big difference for each and every one of them.

3. I think young people should enrol to vote, because we’re not going to have the opportunity ever again to finally separate love from all the other stuff. – Issy

4. Young people in particular are usually left out of the conversation when it comes to politics, and I think young people should register to vote so that they can have their voices heard. – Aadarsh








Around 25% of young people aren’t registered to vote – the same demographic most likely to vote for equality

5. Because I’m married, and everyone should have the privilege to marry the person they love. It’s that simple. – Rosalie







6. Without being registered to vote, without getting out there and voting yes, you’re allowing the voices of bigots and of those who oppose equality to actually drown you out. – Lachlan








7. People should enrol to vote so that our children can know that it’s alright to love whoever they want and be accepted. I think that’s inevitable, so we should just start now. – Mel









If you haven’t done so yet, register to vote or check your enrolment. You can help achieve an outcome that delivers better health and equity for the LGBTIQ community.

Make sure you check your enrolment today: https://check.aec.gov.au/


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