8 Rookie Errors Nurse And Midwifery Students Are Probably Going To Make


1 – Being too friendly with patients

Just wanted to chat to you buddy, didn’t want you to try and add me on Facebook.

2 – Asking “How was your meal?” to a ‘Nil by mouth’ patient

Sorrrrry, forgot you can’t eat.

3 – Asking “How’d you sleep?” to any patient

Learnt really quickly there’s a lot to complain about trying to sleep in a hospital.


4 – Putting an incontinence pad down backwards

Or worse, ripping it.

5 – Thinking you’ll have a social life outside of work

Once I heard about a student nurse who fell asleep inside a nightclub after a long shift. Probably not uncommon tbh.

6 – Learning body fluid radiuses the hard way

Ever see a nurse on prac stand too close to a tracchy change only to be coughed on? It happens.

7 – Asking anything to a patient who can’t see

“Can you hand me that brush?” “What’s that over there?” “Was it nice to see your family?” *CRINGE* I’m SORRY

8 – Saying the Q word

Possibly the most heinous crime a young nurse or midwife could make. The first time you say how quiet it is, you’re gonna get blamed for the next 10 code blues.


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