An injured nurse speaks


Today is the second anniversary of the sweeping cuts to the Workers Compensation scheme made by the NSW Liberal-National Government. They made the cuts under the pretext that the scheme was in financial trouble – but it’s now $1.8 billion in surplus and employers are paying 17.5% less in premiums. In other words, the 2012 cuts were just a ruse, designed to severely limit the scheme and save money for insurers and employers. And who loses out? Injured workers.

Which can be any of us at any time, as the video interview below with nurse Karen shows all too clearly.

Karen injured

Karen’s interview is one of three in this longer video about how the cuts have affected working people and their families.

What can you do? There are signs that the NSW Government might be going to make some small changes to the scheme, if there’s enough pressure on them. Go to NSW For All and send an email to your MP.

And remember, if you are a financial member of the NSWNMA, you are eligible for accident journey insurance, which was stripped from all NSW workers in the 2012 cuts.



  1. I was injured by a violent patient in 1995 and sustained a permanent disability. I decided not to go ‘civil action’ as I was told I would need a shoulder replacement in the future – silly me thought that Workcover would foot the bill. Now I have been told that I am on my own – Workcover will not cover any expenses and, even though the Govt “retrospectively” changed my entitlements (ie. removed them entirely), I am not allowed to ask for a ‘retrospective’ change & opt for a payout to fund future medical expenses.


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