Are There Any Jobs For Enrolled Nurses? What You Said


Last week we posted a story from Julie, a student EEN who was about to graduate and was finding it hard to get a job. Your responses echoed her experiences with a few gems of advice and good news. Check it out:

A nice story from Jodie:

I guess it does vary on the area. I finished my ENs at the end of last year and had no trouble getting on to the casual pool for both medical and mental health at our local public hospital. I am also pretty sure the majority (possibly 100%) of our class has gone onto gain employment. We are in Toowoomba, Qld. Best of luck!

Lauren tells a story of concern:

Everyone wants experience – it’s the easier option to take on someone who has worked in an area before rather than willing to train or accept other things that a candidate can bring to a position.

I was talking to an ICU nurse (with Masters) yesterday who was looking for work after being in research for a few years. She applied for 20+ jobs at GP clinics and was rejected by all of them because she’s never worked in a GP clinic before – a nurse who has worked with the sickest of patients, has her Masters, and knows about admin and the latest practice/ethics was rejected… Let that sink in.

Vicky highlighting what she thinks might be the problem:

I personally think that TAFE & other educational institutions put through way too many EEN students compared to positions that are actually available, which makes it highly competitive.

Of my cohort that graduated this time last year, a very small percentage of approximately 75 students got hospital grad positions, quite a few gained positions in residential aged care facilities, at a rough guess I’d say 30% are still looking for positions.

Peta gave some inspiring advice:

I am from northern suburbs in Victoria, after finishing uni I didn’t apply for any positions as I was going on a holiday for a few weeks. Got back and applied for around 20 positions including those wanting experienced EENs. This was just over two weeks ago. So far I have had one rejection, one interview, two more interviews next week and one call me when your registration comes through. I say apply for everything as there maybe that one thing that sets you apart from the others. Good luck and don’t give up. Xo

Some success stories and some struggles as well. Did you have a different experience you’d like to add?


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