Australia Voted Yes, This Nurse Got Married And The Wedding Was Beautiful


There’s been some wonderful stories of same-sex weddings across the country since Australia voted yes but none better than this one from a nurse and her partner! Check out Jane’s recap of her wedding:

Recently my partner and I married! We were one of the first couples to tie the knot after same sex marriage was legalised in Australia. It was one of the best days of our lives!

We were surrounded by our friends, families and children. We each have three children from our previous marriages and the children were delighted to give us away!

It was a DIY affair with the help and support of our family and friends. Friday morning started with a 5am visit to Sydney’s flower market, then back home to load up the trailer with chairs, seat covers and decorations.

We hired a quaint and very spiritual place called Forgotten Valley Retreat, for the weekend. The establishment sleeps 30 people and we filled all the beds. By the time we had set up the hall, made our flower arrangements and prepared the area in the garden for the ceremony we were ready for the party!

We had set the time for 3pm Saturday and the weather in the morning predicted rain. Thankfully it was a beautiful sunny afternoon and the event went off without a hitch. We partied throughout the night, dancing to the band Georgie Blue, who were fantastic! My wife had secretly organised a dance flash mob which confused me at first and then the surprise and joy sank in.

My partner and I just want to add that we feel much more connected both spiritually and in a social way!! The legality of our union makes it stronger for both of us and in the eyes of our family and friends.

To anyone out there thinking of tying the knot, I thoroughly recommend it. ❤

Thank you Australia for voting YES!!!

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