REMINDER: Bob Fenwick Memorial Mentoring Grants Program 2011/12


Bob Fenwick was a mental health nurse tragically killed in a work-related incident at Bloomfield Hospital, Orange NSW, in January 2011.

The Bob Fenwick Memorial Mentoring Grants Program 2011/12 has been developed to recognise Bob’s long service to mental health nursing and the important role he played in mentoring less-experienced mental health nurses.

Have you checked to see if you’re eligible?

The program aims to encourage experienced mental health nurses to mentor less experienced colleagues, for the betterment of mental health in NSW.  Funding for the grants is provided by NSW Health and administered by the New South Wales Nurses’ Association.

Who can apply?

Applicants for the grants must be currently registered nurses working in a public mental health service in NSW. Mental health nurses with less than 2 years experience working in rural or remote services will be given priority

Applicants must:

  • have in-principle agreement from their organisation to participate
  • be able to complete the mentorship
  • experience in early 2012
  • develop a plan identifying the mental health experiences sought through the placement
  • articulate their objectives in undertaking the mentorship and how these relate to current employment and career goals.

How are grants awarded?

Up to 20 grants will be awarded. Priority will be given to applicants with less than two years experience, who work in rural or remote public mental health services in NSW.

The Program Steering Committee will determine the successful grant applications.
Successful applicants will be personally notified and awards announced in January 2012.

For more information download the information booklet and expression of interest from the NSWNA website

Will you apply for a grant?

Image credit: NSWNA

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