Building Union Solidarity for Quality Health Care : Nurses Migrating to Australia


The continuing global shortage of more than 4 million health care workers is symptomatic of the crisis in health care as essential public health services are reduced, with both health care workers and users suffering its severe consequences.

A direct consequence of this crisis is the exodus of workers from health sector employment, which eventually leads to migration, with workers seeking better pay and working conditions in other countries.

The NSW Nurses’ Association in conjunction with Public Services International (PSI) are undertaking a comprehensive participatory research and mapping of migration in the health and social care sectors. The results will form part of a Global Report on Migration which will be presented at the 2012 PSI Congress.

Did you migrate to Australia to work as a nurse or midwife?


Was it to take advantage of better pay and working conditions in a different country?

Please leave your comments in the section below! 

Or, if you have 30 minutes to contribute to this very important research, we would love to hear from you. Please email for more information.

Image credit: PSI

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