Busy, busy – the holiday season and how it affects nursing workloads.


The Silly Season usually means hospitals (especially emergency departments) are run off their feet, due to the holiday road toll, and alcohol induced injuries and accidents.

Our small coastal rural hospital is always a magnet for tourists, backpackers and family holidays. This silly season has been no different and our ED has been off the richter since the Schoolies invasion.

Nursing staff have been doing overtime and extra shifts and have been incredibly generous with their time. The rain hasn’t helped and New Year’s Eve was the usual, managing all the unconscious patients from excessive alcohol intake – I was called in in the middle of the night as there weren’t enough staff to manage the amount of unconscious young people.

I would like to see a ban on four packs and casks of vodka mixers – they are the bane of our existence and no-one seems to realise how dangerous they are!

How did everyone else fare?

Is alcohol still the major problem?


Image credit: livewirez.wordpress.com



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