Celebrate Nurse Uncut’s two-year anniversary and win $500!


Nurse Uncut celebrated its second year on 12 July 2011!

To celebrate we are running a promotion, and the first prize is an ME Bank EveryDay Transaction Account with a $500 deposit.

To enter, tell us which of the below campaigns you felt proud to be involved in.

A. Organising For Safe Patient Care (One2Four)
B. Because We Care.

To enter, leave a comment on this contest post and answer with either Option A: Public Sector Campaign “The Way to Safe Patient Care” or Option B: Because We Care.

It’s so easy to enter, right?

There are some fantastic prizes up for grabs, so get your entries in!

FIRST PRIZE: An ME Bank EveryDay Transaction Account with a $500 deposit

SECOND PRIZE: An Elsevier book voucher valued at $150

THIRD PRIZE: An Elsevier book voucher valued at $100

Terms and Conditions:

1. Winners will be picked through randomizer.org
2. The promotion is open to nurses working in NSW
3. The promotion runs from today until September 23rd.
4. The winner of the ME Bank EveryDay Transaction Account must open their Account within fourteen (14) days of first being notified. ME Bank will deposit the prize into the Account no later than thirty (30) days after the Account has been opened. Before opening an ME Bank EveryDay Transaction Account, consider if this product is appropriate for you. Fees, charges, terms and conditions apply.

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  1. Hey ! Does this make me No. 1 for this Comp. ??

    Well, I joined Nurse Uncut with good intentions of ‘making a difference’. I attended the Bloggers training session, and started making some serious political comment on the affairs of Nurses in general, who work in NSW.
    I made multiple comments on the ‘Talk’ section of Nurse Uncut, and probably started ruffling a feathers !!
    I was active in the ‘Because We Care’ campaign for Aged Care Nurses.
    I went out of my way to attend rallies and other Union meetings ( Unions NSW South Coast ). I became my workplace Delegate, and attended last years NSWNA Annular Conference.
    Whilst I have recently moved on from my previous employer, I intend of keeping up to date with the activities of the Association. I have expressed intention of attending this year’s Annular Conference as observer ( at my own cost ).
    I look forward to coming back as an official workplace Delegat in the near future.

  2. I felt proud to display my sticker for one to four. It is proudly displayed on the back of my car so the word is getting around to lots of people. Now the numbers of nursing staff are finally being put into practice in the hospitals and the government are rolling it out onto the wards. A side note my sticker helped my lost sister-in-law find my car after she took a wrong turn, she new our car and recognised it by the sticker. Thank you NSWNA for all your hard work on all your campaigns I feel proud to be a member of such a great association.

  3. I was proud to be involved in the Defend campaign because I felt the legislation is an attack on our basic rights as workers. I strongly feel that if our awards are not upheld our conditions will be diminished over time, even more nurses will leave and it will lead to an immensely negative impact on healthcare. By the time society realises this it will be too late. Nurse Uncut helped me stay involved by connecting me with like-minded motivated nurses in ways otherwise not possible. I was able to hear opinions and be informed at anytime.

  4. I would be proud to be involved in a campaign to deliver equitable acces to technology, specifically computers and the internet, at work. Why should medical, clerical and allied health staff have access when nurses don’t? Or why do some departments have access when others don’t? This would be an excellent campaign. Bring it on.

  5. I was proud to be involved with the “Because we Care” campaign our small branch had the local paper present and bought the cause to the public ,this enable us to obtain over 2000 signed petitions to present to the goverment also showed our Community and Management how much we care for our Residents .Nurses Uncut was great in keeping all aged care staff informed thanks to you and the Association for having this great site

  6. I believe the 1 to 4 patient ratio campaign was a highly recognised campaign that I felt proud to be involved in. Without such a campaign to be risen and acknowledged you would have students and staff lacking behind in education due to the demand of work and no spare time to involve themselves in educational purpose built workshops. You would still have nurses doing 8 hour to 10 hour shifts that feel like they’ve being working for near 24hours due to the constant demand of patients and their needs.Lesser injury cases should start to be seen due to the rush of the job lower to a steady but constant working pace.

    Nurse Uncut helped me personally to stay involved and up-to-date on this campaign due to the informative emails sent out, the indepth forums started and maintained and the websites first hand information deliberated constantly.

  7. I am proud to be involved in the the NSWNA Campaign – “Because We Care” with the next step called “Aged Care Can’t Wait” providing quality to older people who provided quality to us whilst we were growing up. Nurse Uncut is right up there informing us of all these important campaigns and how we can help and I’m proud of all the campaigns that help give patients, clients and residents a better deal.

  8. Going on the WorkChoices march at Gosford on 14th July…showing that there wasn’t just one union making up the ‘voice’ but many, with the HSU, PSA, NSWNA, Teacher’s Federation etc combining. Also showed how many who went on the march were non-union members, so they need converting to become active members. The march showed that there is a huge potential to combine for a total impact, and that is what will be needed to teach the government a timely reminder about trying to turn workers back into peasants.Nurse Uncut let me check on photos, progress, and involvement elsewhere, and to upload pics and videos for others. Having the site directly connected to other nurses makes Nurse Uncut a benefit.”

  9. It has to be the one2four campaign!!!!!! Look where it has lead us now!!!
    I was particularly touched by the video which showed staff “How to close a bed”. It depicted a typical scenario where nurses are torn by peer pressure when severe actions need to be undertaken. NSWNA showed that they understood that industrial action can be difficult for the frontline workers. It was a reminder to me that my union is on my side. It was supportive and directive. Good on you!!!

  10. Being a nurse for 20 years I have been involved with a number of campaigns to not only ensure better working conditions for nurses but better care for the sick and aged. The Way to Safe Patient Care campaign is important to me as I work in a ward that has 2:15 care ratio and I know that patient care could be improved if we had a 1:4 ratio. Also nurses would get less burn out and retention would be higher. Worker Comp injuries would be less as our bodies would cope better with the stress’ our job puts it under too.

    Nurses Uncut helps me keep my ‘finger on the pulse’ of my profession and my colleague’s concern’s and victories across the country and for that I’m thankful. I’m able to easily get a grasp on what’s happening and what’s important. Thank you!!

  11. As a new grad nurse I havent had the opportunity to be involved in many campaigns. However, the first campaign I attended was the rally to protect public sector wages for NSW nurses out the front of Parliament House in Sydney. The joy and pride I felt when all public sector workers – not just nurses – joined forces to demonstrate the united front we held was amazing. There was such a great atmosphere, and sense of belonging, it truly made me understand the impact nurses have on the community, and how no matter what curve ball we get thrown we stand together and pick ourselves back up. Without the NSWNA organising campaigns such as these, our voices cannot group together and be heard. Nurse Uncut is such a fantastic resource to help keep up to date with campaigns & how to participate in those, especially as a new grad RN.

  12. Generally involved in most campaigns to the best of my ability but….many years ago a few friends & I lead the campaign to “SAVE PEAT ISLAND”. 20 something years later it’s still going strong!!! I guess we did something right & THAT makes me proud!!!!! Nurse uncut didn’t exist then…in fact I don’t think we even had computers!!!. but the NSWNA was right behind us!!!!

  13. The NSWNA has been advocating for safe and fair working conditions for nurses for many years now with each campaign proving our strength as a profession at an increased intensity time after time.
    The recent campaign regarding public sector wages and the O’Farrell government has undoubtedly been the most intensifying and satisfying campaign that I have been involved in. This campaign called upon all public sector workers, approximately 400,000 government employees, to come together as one and fight in union for fair wages and conditions. Public sector employees from all dividends including nurses, teachers, police/fire/ambulance officers and prison guards etc held local electorate campaigns all over NSW as they took industrial striking action.
    Approximately 4 weeks ago, I walked off the job for an hour to strike with a number of my fellow colleagues and a variety of Penrith public sector employees. There was an approximate of 600 people in attendance. I felt such a sense of pride, and pending accomplishment, as we rallied with such force and passion outside the office of our local MP for Penrith, Stuart Ayres. Prior to rallying outside Stuart Ayres’ office, the collaborative effort of all 600 or so public sector employees took to the main street of Penrith. We stopped traffic, and proceeded to block the road. We marched and screamed words of our disgust and shame towards Stuart Ayres and barry O’Farrell. The Penrith community stopped and stared. I could see the astonishment on their face, when they heard from our chants of the poor conditions and wages that their police and nurses were subject to. Most people held banners, and most people either had their photo taken or were recorded for the 6pm news for channel 7, 9 and 10.
    The hour was truly and completely uplifting. I went back to work feeling accomplished and heard. I went back to work knowing that Stuart Ayres and Barry O’Farrell would be watching the 6pm news that evening and would see hundreds of people chanting disgrace to their name!
    Best of all, the campaign for improving the wages and conditions of public sector employees remains ongoing and has not yet reached its full potential and peak
    ‘Nurse Uncut’ has thankfully kept me ‘tuned in’ with the latest and the greatest. I am very satisifed with the service that they provided throughout this campaign, and the service that Nurse Uncut continue to provide as this campaign is ongoing, as I felt directly informed with their constant blogs and links published on facebook.
    Thankyou Nurse Uncut for the opportunity of this forum! AND TO ALL THE NURSES READING THIS – DO NOT GIVE UP! FIGHT AS ONE, IN UNION, AND FIGHT HARD FOR YOUR RIGHTS AT WORK! As the saying goes …. “Power in numbers!”

  14. My response is the One to 4 Campaign, I was proud to put the signs in the empty beds as patients left the ward on discharge. However, the empty beds did not last long, as you are all well aware of the rarely seen empty beds with nurses running their selves ragged. Whatever happened to the days where nurses provided patient care and had the time to listen to their worries long gone are those days.

  15. i work inn a hospital that is classed as accute. average age of pts over 80, pts stay 8 9 10 months, nursing home closses bed as it has no staff, hospital has no staff eg 16 pts to 1 EN 1RN and one RN or EN for out pts which usually means the ENs run the ward as only RNs can triage, yep 4to1 really works here, , how safe is pt care,
    The nursing staff themselves are all over 50, most are closer to 60 and are ready to get out as their health is not coping with the work load, try walking up and down a 500 metre corridor all day as the private and isolation wards are at each end, with the emergancy department in a seperate part of building. yep real safe for a staff member to be working alone . no securty guards here, no police in town, yep its not bad, then then there is no drs on call, so nurses are left to triage over the phone, so pts dont get the first line drugs that they need for a better outcome as the giving of these drugs is illegal by RNS , and the list goes on,
    i beleive nursing is a good job to get out of, and thats what most of our staff are looking at, i have applied for a job at our local supermarket, one has left and has a shoop she may have been out most quialified,
    Then to top it all of i worked 11 days wwith out a proper day off somebeing 4 night suty in the middle, and get abused by the boss for wanting to take 2 hours off to catch up on my own things, 2 hours i asked for first time ever as i had so much to do and she abused me, yet i had given up my days off to work for sick staff, ec, so where is the incentative,’
    No im looking to get out, i will retire before i get abused again, i have over 600 hrs sick leave, holidays 18 hrs owing to me as time in liew with old manager, records gone, no get now,
    nursing in small country towns is bullshit, the govt wont help , the union wont help;

  16. I think you should start ‘planning’ for how you are going to ‘get out’.
    If you really have that much Sick Leave, they will know this, and maybe they are trying to get you to leave before you start using it. With Sick Leave, it really is a case of USE IT, OR LOSE IT….
    To get the most out of that much Sick Leave, you will have to have a plan. You can’t just start taking time off – the will see ‘a pattern’, and put a stop to it. You need to take the Sick Leave in a random, non-regular pattern. Even if you be a little ‘creative’ with the reasons you are taking time off. ( I won’t suggest things, but be ‘creative’ )
    It’s up to you… really, if you are going to leave, and you have so much Sick Leave, you will lose big time by just ‘walking’ without getting credit for the years you have not taken Sick Leave for. Your employer will tell you – Sick Leave is a ‘privilege’, not a right. That’s why you have to plan your actions.


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