Coming up – seminar on environmental health


A special seminar on Environmental Health will be held at the NSWNMA in Waterloo (south Sydney) on Friday 14 March, with international speaker Dr Barbara Sattler and guests Fiona Armstrong and Teresa Lewis discussing fracking, coal seam gas, climate change and their impact on the health environment.

The day promises to be illuminating for anyone with an interest in the future of health in a changing environment. Nurses and midwives need to inform ourselves about the health risks of fracking – through water contamination and methane gas air pollution – as well as the risks from exposure to coal dust. Midwives will be interested to hear that in areas with fracking, the apgar scores of newborn babies are lower than usual.

Barbara Sattler is a registered nurse and Professor at the University of San Francisco and Board member of the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments in the US. She founded Maryland Hospitals for a Healthy Environment, a model state program for engaging hospitals in sustainable and environmentally healthy practices.

Fiona Armstrong is a nurse and public policy expert who is the founder and convenor of the Climate and Health Alliance, a coalition of national health care stakeholders advocating for action on climate change. She is also a director of CLIMARTE, which brings artists together to use all forms of the creative arts to communicate about climate change.

Teresa Lewis is a course coordinator at Central Queensland University. She is a registered nurse/midwife with over 30 years experience. With a Master’s Degree in Environmental Change Management, she has a passion for all aspects of the environment and health. She is currently in the final year of a doctoral thesis on ‘climate-friendly’ hospitals.

For the program and to register, visit the Education section of the NSWNMA website.


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