Competition: win a home energy assessment


Three bloggers are helping to run an energy-saving competition that’s open to all Australian residents. 

Climate Works Australia recently launched  the Empower Campaign  to help Australians lower their carbon footprint, one step at a time. The Low Carbon Growth Plan involves practical ways for everyone, from individual houses to farms to businesses, to minimise carbon emissions – saving money and creating jobs in the process.

To get the word out and more people on board, here are three ways via three different blogs to enter their online competition:

With Some Grace.  For a chance to win a home assessment and retrofit valued at $500, readers of Grace’s blog just have to watch the video, then post a comment to answer the question, ‘From the different types of renewable energy sources that CP mentions, which one would be beneficial in your home and why?

My Little Drummer Boys. Trish decided to get her brother’s house (which she knows racks up electricity bills) assessed for energy consumption.

To win a home assessment and retrofit valued at $500, watch the video of the case study on Steven and Fiona’s family, then submit a comment answering, Which ideas could be beneficial in your home and why?’

BobinOz. Bob got his home in Brisbane assessed with several no-cost solutions, a few low-cost and one high-cost suggestion recommended by the assessor.

For a chance to win a $250 Energy Opportunities Home Assessment, plus $250 worth of retro-fitting to make your home more energy-efficient, first go to Climate Works Australia  and watch the video Case Study: A Household, then go back to the bobinoz blog and submit your answer to the question, ‘What would you do with the money you save by following the tips on the Empower website?’


The Low Carbon plan for Australia




  1. Thanks for sharing this information.
    Every new commercial building development, extension or alteration is required to show compliance with the energy efficiency provisions set out in Section J of the BCA.


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