CONTEST: Nominate your favourite NSW nurse and win prizes!


To celebrate International Nurses Day we are running a ‘favourite nurse’ contest!

Nominate your coworkers, let us know what is special about them, why they are deserving, and why they are your favourite nurse.

International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world every May 12, the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth.

There are some fantastic prizes up for grabs!

Our nominated winner will receive a two-night stay in the beautiful York by Swiss-Belhotel apartments!

The DELUXE TWO BEDROOM ENSUITE apartment prize (includes parking and breakfast basket for 4 Adults) is valued at AUD $1400.00!

The York by Swiss-Belhotel is located in the heart of Sydney, close to the Opera House, The Rocks, Circular Quay, Darling Harbour, and transport, major department stores, theatres and restaurants!

The person who nominates the winning nurse gets a $150.00 Elsevier Book Voucher

A consolation prize will be randomly drawn from the pool of nurses who nominated and those who nominated these awesome nurses: $100.00 Elsevier Book Voucher.

Nominations are open from 14 April, Thursday until 12 May, Thu, 11.59pm NSW time. You can submit your nominations by leaving a comment on this contest post with:

  • Name of the nurse you would like to nominate
  • Why you are nominating this person
  • Your name

The final nominees list will be announced on 13 May, Friday and an ‘election’ period will run from 14 May, Sat to 28 May, Sat.

The winners will be announced on 30 May, Monday.

The small print:

  1. The contest is open to nurses working in NSW.
  2. Travel to the hotel is not included in this prize. Winner must arrange for own transportation.

So, who would you like to nominate? We look forward to your nominations!


  1. Elizabeth Murphy (my sister)
    Elizabeth is an aged care nurse. Although she is now a manager she can’t help herself and loves to roll up her sleeves and get stuck into the clinical issues. Elizabeth is the sort of person you would want to care for your relatives or yourself when the time comes. Her days do not start at 8am & finish at 5pm. She is constantly on call officially and unofficially because she cares about her clients. there are many instances where Elizabeth has gone above the call of duty to make life more comfortable and less of a worry for her clients.Like the time ‘Bob’ had to go into care, but he had no relatives and he had a dog called Jessie. Elizabeth took Jessie into her own home and cared for her as her own, taking her to the residential facility each weekend to see Bob. Bob never returned home and Elizabeth cared for Jessie for 4 years until she died. Although Bob lived in Mackay and Elizabeth had now moved to Nowra NSW, when Bob died she flew back for Bob’s funeral and took Jessie’s ashes to be buried with Bob as per his request.
    On another occasion whilst on holiday in France, she made a detour to visit the grave of one of her client’s nephews buried at Villiers Brettoneaux where he died in the battle of the Somme. She took video footage and photographs to bring home to her client as they had never been able to visit the grave. She left a poppy on the grave as a mark of respect. On a daily basis she pays her clients bills & makes other arrangements for them when they are unable to or have no family to help. Above all she strives to keep people in their own homes by providing the best care that she can whether that be as part of her job or in her own time.She has great respect for the older clients she deals with never forgetting who they once were or that some day she will be old like them.
    Elizabeth is truly a remarkable nurse and these are only a few of the things she does on a daily basis to make life better for her clients.

  2. Favourite nurse comp (mental health)
    1. George Georgiadis
    2. Because he stays back late (even after night shift) if a patient needs a deep and meaningful and he always puts the patients and the ward before himself. He even visits the poor souls in Villawood on his days off. What more can you ask for?
    3. Thomas Jacks

  3. Tanya Scanlon (hope I spelled that right!) – on my final placement, my mentor was off sick and I was having a few issues on the placement. This wonderful nurse stepped up of her own accord and mentored me, she is probably the best mentor I have had through my degree. She made sure I experienced everything I possibly could, she made me feel welcome and not just like unpaid labour (as other placements have felt like). I was at a time where I felt ready to pack it all in, and this wonderful nurse gave me back my ambition and drive to succeed. She is a fantastic mentor, and I hope I can emulate her!

  4. Katie Haskell (my daughter)
    I am very proud of Katie. She works at Gosford Hospital. I have known 3 people who have had Katie as their nurse and all 3 have said that she is so very caring and shows empathy for the fear they are feeling before they had their operations. She was also there for them afterwards as they woke from surgery to offer them reassurance. A very special girl.

  5. Knew Lynette Suman for 10 years , started working with her as co-worker and now Lynette is my staff as I am now in NUM role . Recommended Lynette to join me at SIVF and have no regrets but full of satisfaction. She never said no and will work double hard , always take short break . Doctors , patients and staff adore her and her performance is excellent , never disappointed anyone . she is the new generation of Florence Nightingale. She inspire new young nurses , never come to work with negative thoughts or atitude .

  6. Sharon Barton,

    She is an excellent clinician, thinking always as a holistic nurse, understands that all systems are interrelated, important as a D&A CNC.
    Sharon is a supportive and loyal colleague and she has a great sense of humour. She can be classed as pedantic but that always ensures the highest level of care.

  7. i would like to nominate verlie hunter r.n. from ward f3 john hunter hospital as the best nurse because she is confident in any situation,calmness being her best to solve any situation that arises with common sense & tactfulness whilst keeping the situation calm.speaks to the patients with empathy,is highly trained in all facets of nursing.lovly person which carries over to her nursing care.

  8. 1. Ruthanne Kimpton
    2. Ruthanne is a caring and compassionate person. She cares not only for her patients but also her co-workders. Ruthanne is the first person to offer a helping hand or a hug when you need it. She is a dedicated nurse and a single mother who has a child with a disability. SHE HAS NEVER BEEN ON A HOLIDAY, and deserves to be treated to this prize.
    3. Melissa McEwan

  9. Elizabeth Huppatz Aged Care and Rehabilitation CNC
    Elizabeth is compassionate caring and selfless as a person and a nurse. She volunteers her time overseas to use her nursing in countries where access to care and compassion is limited to the betterment of the people in those countries.
    As a clinical nurse consultant she has achieved a great deal in an under resourced health service to improve aged care and rehabilitation. Elizabeth has helped mentor myself and many other nurses to improve nursing in aged care even while caring for her her dying husband. She also is very supportive of her friends and assists them through their own difficult times. She is a committed Mum and Grandmother.
    Elizabeth remains committed to her own education and the education of others. She can move with ease from the day to day of Older People role modelling provision of care, to writing carefully crafted reports, policy and procedure to providing detailed clinical education accross a breadth of clinical areas. Every challenge that is thrown her way she finds a way through with no disquiet or no ill feelings.
    Elizabeth holds herself up with a grace and humility I can only aspire too and many nurses benefit from her tireless work many without awareness that she has improved their working lives.
    She is a person and nurse whose traits I greatly admire and would like to be more like in the future.

  10. I would like to nominate RN Elaine La Brooy. Elaine is an extraordinary person and nurse. Her enthusiasm and “can do” attitude is oustanding. Her caring attitude is remarkable. Not only to patients and families for which she always go the “extra mile” to provide excellent care but to colleagues and others. Regardless of heavy workload and difficult times she smiles and carries on with her work, helping whoever she can along the way. I’ve known Elaine for the last 8 years both in the Acute Hospital and Community setting and she has not changed. I hope she never will.

  11. Geraldine Gilroy

    Geraldine has put her heart and soul into the training of Midwives at HKH for years, she has developed a model of care that delivers continuity of care to women in pregnancy , birth and beyond as well as a unique and valuable training experience for student midwives.

  12. Angela Baker, senior RN at Hornsby Kuringai Hospital, orthopedic ward 2A.

    A remarkable lady, with common sense, humour and the ability to priotrise work loads to ensure that everyone, staff and patients receive the upmost in the nursing care and management. She makes JMO’s welcome and guides them during their time and senior medical staff have trust with their patients in her care.
    A fantastic team leader and mentor with comprehensive knowledge spanning over 30years, Angela is always able to impart her knowledge and teach junior staff without making them feel like they are in-adequate, or that they should ‘already know something’.
    A kind heart and calm nature ensures that patients are always at ease with her at their bedside. And it is this that allows nurses working with her, to feel ready for any crisis that may arise during a shift.
    It’s a pleasure to work with someone that can outstrip what University teaches you and allows you the drive to continue in the field of nursing.
    How wonderful to have opportunity to acknowledge Angela and her dedication to work, colleagues, friends and family.

  13. Helen McNamara senior RN at Moree District Hospital HunterNewEngland Area Service. She is 2 IC of Medical Ward. Medical Ward for us consist of Medical men and women HDU Children infectious and Mental. She is to look after clients on the ward, look after the staff, run the ward (in a nursing point of view and do all the ordering of Medication and stores), relieve in A & E for lunch and sometimes work a full shift in A & E. After all this, she is the most easy going, happy and approachable nurse we have and we all love her. Thank you Helen

  14. Vicki is a caring , compassionate nurse who always places patients needs first. Vicki genuinely cares and will focus on the best care that needs to be provided to her patients and other patients that are not allocated to her. ALthough, most of her shifts are ‘in charge’, she will always give a helping hand to her colleagues. Vicki can organise, shape and take control of an emergency department. Vicki has excellent rapport with the managerial, nursing, medical and ambulance staff. She is highly regarded and respected in relation to her clinical skills, knowledge base and organisational skills. Vicki is a support network for in – experience and junior staff. It is pleasure to work along side of Vicki, as you know the shift will run smoothly and patients are cared for appropriately. I hope in my years ahead of my nursing career, that I will as efficient, caring and knowledgeable as Vicki…..

  15. I nominate Sally Delaney, RN. Sally has international experience and maintains regular contact with overseas nurses. Currently Sally is working as an educator, bringing a wealth of clinical experience from areas as diverse as CNS in ED, Practice Nurse, Mothers & Babies and Neurosurgery. Sally’s clarity of thinking, clinical acumen, ability to inspire student nurses with a passion for the profession plus her calm, professional manner are testimony to her capacity as a nurse leader. Her innovative approach to teaching and problem-solving benefits us all.

  16. On behalf of the surgical ward at belmont I would like to nominate Jackie cafagna, in regards to the type of nurse she is we have collabratively come up with a bit of poetry in the form of a limerick to describe what a wonderful nurse she is:
    Super nurse extroadinaire
    Understanding to everyone both patients and staff
    Picks us up when we are down
    Empties the beds and fills them back up
    Rushes around like a tornado

    Nothing stands in her way, she knows the ward inside and out
    Upsets the doctors sometimes when she tells them how it is
    Really, really works hard
    Social, funny and friendly
    Efficent and enjoyable to work with

    We believe she is a wonderful person in general who is an inspiration to all

  17. I nominate Deborah Payne as my favourite nurse. She frequently works 12 hour days to ensure that her patients have the best care and her staff are rostered to days that suit their family situations. She is the only RN for 40 residents, often having to make decisions quickly for there medical treatment. She completes all of the nursing roles as well as managing the facility. She encourages all of the staff to learn something new and tells us all we should be RNs often looking for scholarships and courses for
    us to keep training. She brings in her children to visit the residents and to help staff and encourages us all to be like a family. Debbie never complains when we ring her in the middle of the night and will come in to see if the residents are OK or need medical care. She sets an example for us all by studying herself to be a nurse practitioner and she says even though study is hard you should never give up as there
    is always something new to learn. Debbie also encourages us to stand up for
    ourselves and join together to make decisions and bring about change.

  18. I would like to proudly nominated my wife ( Maryanne Burgess) as my favourite nurse. Maryanne started her training to be a registered nurse in 1980 and is currently providing the patient education for the Orange Health Service cardiac catheter laboratory. Maryanne is the mother of our three beautiful children which we are both incredibly proud of and love very much. Maryanne loves her job. The patients all love her and she is equally proud of her work and work collegues. Maryanne started her nursing like many in a training hospital learning the very basics of nursing with a very fundamental introduction to all aspects of humanity. I believe Maryanne was born to be a nurse. Maryanne is caring, gentle, and above all compassionate, all attributes she certainly inhertited from her late father. During these early days of training at the Orange Base Hospital I first went out with Maryanne. We married a few years later and we moved to Queensland so I could train as a Registered nurse in the ‘old hospital system’. Maryanne always had time to share her knowledge with me and any of the other training student nurses. A move back to the country to be closer to her family saw us build a house and turn this into a home with the birth of three children. Shift work for both of us in the critical care areas saw many a day when we passed in the car parks only. I remember many meal breaks finding her trying to have a meal, expressing breast milk, and trying to plan for the next days activities. Maryanne’s skills in nursing are only secondary to her skills as a mother. She is a master of making easter hats or costumes at a minutes notice. Many years later and three grown teenagers we are both lucky to still work in nursing but with regular hours. Gone are the sleepless nights or the struggle to stay awake after night duty to pick up the kids. Sleepless nights are now welcome waiting up for teenagers who believe their parents never had a life before they were born. In summary I’m sure we all know someone like Maryanne who is the epiphany of an ideal nurse. I’m just lucky to be married to this nurse!!


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