Countdown to registration: get your nursing CPD in shape

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There’s just over 10 weeks to go to get your registration renewal in. Over the coming weeks, Nurse Uncut is going to take you through the whats and whys of the registration process, in a series of articles covering topics that are frequently enquired about when renewing nursing or midwifery registration. We’ll look at:

  • CPD – what counts, how you should record it, sources of professional education
  • Criminality – what checks do you need, what do you need to report (eg. driving under the influence?)
  • Professional indemnity insurance – what it covers, how you get covered (hint: union membership helps!)
  • Recency of practice – how recent is recent, what is practice?




Meanwhile, ANMF members – that’s anyone who belongs to their state nursing/midwifery union – can access courses in the ANMF CPE website for a much reduced rate of $7.70 per topic, compared to $30 for non-members. There’s a host of courses on the recently revamped site, which lets you keep a personal record and reflections on your self-education.

Take a look now and estimate how far you need to go in the next two months.

See you on Nurse Uncut next week for the first of our registration articles.

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