Convert to direct debit and keep the NSWNA united and strong!


This year public health system nurses and midwives have achieved a huge victory in our campaign for an Award that includes the introduction of ratios and good pay increases. Our new Award was won because of the commitment of members, the Association’s size and our organisation.

The new state Government has shown that it is going to target the pay and conditions of public sector workers including nurses, so we need to prepare now to repel any attack on nurses’ conditions.

Convert to direct debit

We believe one tactic the Government may use to try to weaken your Association is to abolish your right to have your union fees paid through payroll deduction and cut members off from their union.

You can help by immediately converting your payment method to direct debit. This method gives you the flexibility of paying either fortnightly or monthly from your bank account or your credit card. Ongoing regular direct debit payments will ensure that your fees are up to date and that your eligibility for Association services and support is not dependent on the whim of the Government.

This will help keep the NSWNA strong and ready to defend your rights.

To switch to direct debit, simply download the form here.

Image credit:NSWNA

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