Decking your desks for ratios


We asked NSWNMA branches across the state to show their support for the Ratios put patient safety first campaign by decorating their ‘desk’ – or workspace – with  streamers, badges, small posters and balloons. We want to improve and extend mandated nurse-to-patient ratios under the new Public Health System Award (up for negotiation now) – especially for nurses in the Bush, in Emergency, community and NICUs.

To date, we have well over 100 photos of decked-out desks from all over NSW. Here are just a few, but there are many more fantastic photos which can be viewed here.

Broken Hill surgical unit asks: What about us?

ICU staff at RPA.

1-to-3 in ED, says Narromine.


Morning and night staff at Lockhart meet to ask: is the Premier listening?


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  1. Yes ratios info is important to inform the general public. Where are the car-bumper stickers that were once sent to all our NSWNM members? I still have one in use from three years ago. Not everyone goes to see Wards. St Vincent’s Private sure never had any last week when I was visiting a patient friend.


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