Do you look after your feet?


Nursing is one of those professions that has you on your feet most of the time. Like waitresses, shop assistants, surgeons and pharmacists and people from many other professions, we often end the day with sore or tired feet.

What is it that you do to make sure you can get through your day whether it be a 4, 6, 8 or 12 hour shift without being unable to walk?


I have always been a fan of buying good comfortable shoes. I don’t buy shoes that are designed specifically for nurses. Why is that you might ask?…. well basically it is because they look a bit ugly to me. Now, I realise that nursing is hardly a fashion career, but being that I have always had to wear a uniform, my choice of footwear is my only fashion choice I can make for myself.

So, what shoes do I wear? How do I choose them?

Well basically I just choose a shoe that fits my foot well, has a reasonable amount of support in the sole, that I like the look of and that feels comfortable when I try it on. I tend to go shoe shopping late in the day not first thing in the morning so that my feet are at their most tired and therefore I will get a better sense of what feels comfortable.

I tend to buy shoes every 12-18months and on the most part my shoes last that length of time quite well. Being that I just purchased a new pair of work shoes last week I thought it fitting to write about the ones I chose this year.

If I went with the packaging (which I didn’t) I would believe that I will have toned calf muscles, good posture, tightened abdominal muscles, improved circulation and will lose up to 5kg. They also came with a DVD telling me how to walk in them…. which I have yet to watch. Now, whilst that all sounds good, my aim from a work shoe is to not cause me foot pain after 12hrs. Thankfully, this purchase – my most expensive work shoe at $179 has provided me with comfortable shoes that lasted the distance at work.

I have a school friend who is a podiatrist and he agreed that whilst they are a good shoe (when you walk on them properly) the toning shoes as they are known are a fad. Again, that doesn’t really bother me, as long as comfort is maintained.

I would like to say that I also think a soak in the foot bath at the end of a long day does do my feet wonders, but that’s not when it counts. What counts is those last 2 hrs of the shift when you think your feet won’t hold you up any longer. That is when I most appreciate the investment in my feet and my comfortable shoes.

foot bath

How do you choose to look after your feet? Is it the shoes or do you have other ways of looking after your feet?

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  1. Actually we have found 3 things that really help,

    A: Stretch your ankles and toes at night against a wall before bed.
    B: Quality Footwear makes a massive difference in recovery time and comfort.
    C: Hard rubber ball underneath the arch after a long day and roll it around for 15min each foot when your winding down.

    This will stimulate blood flow and aid in recovery faster.

    Regards Nurses Only.


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