Exhausted NSW nurses to strike next Wednesday for nurse-to-patient ratios


If you don’t know yet, there is an ongoing battle between the NSW Government and our exhausted nurses regarding the issue of appropriate nurse-to-patient ratios of 1:4 to pave the way for a way to safe patient care.

The campaign to convince the NSW Government started early this month with the release of the first TV ad in New South Wales.


The union has also listed the key things important to each and every nurse that the NSW Government have said no to to let nurses know what is going on and encourage them to show their support.

The second TV ad was aired late last week.

Now, exhausted nurses can’t take it anymore and have called for a strike action.

Here’s more information regarding the proposed strike action next week:

On 24th November nurses and midwives will provide life-preserving services at all times, but will reduce services to current night duty staffing levels at each facility for the period generally between 7am and 5pm.
The Special General Meeting will hear a report back from the Association leadership on any developments in negotiations for safer patient care and recommend the next steps in the campaign.”

NSWNA members at public hospitals and community health services around the State will now vote, by 5.30pm this Friday (19 November), on whether their facility will join the strike and, if so, for how long they will strike.

During next Wednesday’s strike, nurses will hold a Special General Meeting of the NSWNA at 11.30am at Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre Homebush, to hear a report back from NSWNA officers on the current state of negotiations with the State Government and endorse the next major steps in the campaign.

Striking nurses in regional and rural areas, who are unable to get to Sydney, will hold activities in their local area.

You can view the rest of the notice at the NSWNA website.

You can help us win this!

The future is in your hands – get active to win this!

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