Facebook and your employer


Facebook’s chief privacy officer has spoken out against the growing trend in the US of employers asking for employees’ – or potential employees’ – Facebook passwords. And the giant social media company has indicated that they are ready to take action against breaches of their privacy policies.

The ACTU has commended Facebook for taking this step. Of course, everyone should be careful about what they put on social networking sites and who they share this with. There have been several cases in Australia where workers have lost their jobs after publishing views of their employers on sites like Facebook.

However, as ACTU president Ged Kearney says, “Employees are entitled to have a life outside work and away from their boss and they have a right to control who sees their personal information.

“You do need to be cautious about what you say, but at the same time, demands by employers that they have access to people’s personal sites is beyond the pale.”

Not only could requests – or demands – like this expose your private information, but that of your friends and other third parties.

Has this ever been an issue for you or anyone in your workplace?

Are you on Facebook or Twitter? What kind of privacy controls do you have in place on your Facebook page?

Anyone who has concerns that their privacy has been breached by their employer can contact the Unions Australia helpline on 1300 4 86466.


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