Fact Check: Are you better off under Labor or Coalition tax cuts?


In this year’s pre-election budgets, both Labor and the Coalition announced income tax cuts as part of their pitches to the electorate. Nurse Uncut Fact Check checks out whether you’ll be better off under Labor or the Coalition’s plan.

As part of their economic pitches to Australians, both Liberal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten have pledged income tax cuts in their budgetary announcements. These tax cuts will increase workers’ take home pay, and will hopefully deliver some relief towards the rising costs of living.

While similar, the two plans differ when it comes to delivering tax relief to the most vulnerable and to the top end of town.

Taxable income Liberal plan phase 1 Labor plan
$25,000 $255 $350
$30,000 $255 $350
$35,000 $255 $350
$40,000 $480 $549
$45,000 $855 $881
$48,000 $1,080 $1,080
$80,000 $1.080 $1,080
$100,000 $915 $915
$120,000 $315 $315
$140,000 $135 $135
$160,000 $135 $135
$180,000 $135 $135
$200,000 $135 -$265
Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-04-05/tax-plans-compared-as-federal-election-looms/10973968

Nurses and midwives earn a vast range of wages, depending upon their title and their length of service. As such, the income tax cuts from both parties will affect different people in different ways. Despite this, Nurse Uncut’s analysis indicates that nurses and midwives will either be better off or the same under Labor’s plan as compared to the Coalition’s proposal.

On the lower end of the scale, based on the current wages of nurses and midwives in the NSW Public Health System, a 1st year Assistant in Nursing earns $45 038 per annum before penalty rates, meaning that AINs will be better off under Labor’s proposal.

Enrolled Nurses and Registered Nurses and Midwives will be treated to the same tax cuts regardless of who wins in the next election. EN and RN rates range from $56 518 for a 1st year Enrolled Nurse to $88 046 for an 8th year Registered Nurse. However, nurses and midwives who work part time or earn under $48 000 will be better off under Labor’s budget.

At the higher end of the scale, first year Nurse Practitioners earn $116 893, while Grade 9 Nursing and Midwifery Unit Managers are on $177 582. This means that they will also have the same tax cut regardless of who forms Government. Further, it is unlikely that these classifications of nurses will receive any form of tax increase under either party, as they will likely earn under the $200 000 threshold.

Future Note

Without access to the same level of budgetary information that the Coalition currently has, Labor is yet to announce its proposed expenditure beyond the 2019-2020 financial year. The Coalition has announced further tax cuts for the 2022 and 2024 financial years, with the aim of ‘flattening’ the tax system.


While the Labor and Coalition proposals are largely the same, more nurses and midwives will benefit from Labor’s proposed tax cuts.


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