Family and friends farewell ‘hero’ of a nurse


A private funeral service was held late last week for Bob Fenwick, the mental health nurse who was stabbed by a patient at Bloomfield Hospital in New South Wales.

The Daily Telegraph published the following after the funeral:

“HE GAVE his own life to save hers. Yesterday it was nurse Emily Pritchard’s turn to pay tribute to her “hero” colleague Bob Fenwick.

Ms Pritchard, 20, was saved from a vicious stabbing attack at the hands of a mental health patient when a selfless Mr Fenwick came to her rescue, only to be fatally wounded.

As his family and workmates gathered for his funeral in Orange yesterday, Ms Pritchard was consoled by friends as a colleague from Bloomfield Hospital read out her emotional statement to Mr Fenwick.

“Words can’t explain the emotions that I am feeling but I thank you from the deepness of my heart for your bravery,” Ms Pritchard wrote.

“You gave your life to save mine, and I don’t know if I will ever be able to understand that.”

Ms Pritchard had spent just nine hours working with 63-year-old Mr Fenwick before the patient attempted to stab her in the face and neck.

Without concern for his own safety, Mr Fenwick managed to stop the attack on his young colleague, but could not save himself.”

The Daily Telegraph went on to discuss Mr Fenwick’s qualities as a “honourable man of quiet strength”.

“Bob was a man of simple tastes, a meat and three veg, socks for Christmas, no worries kind of guy”.

“He would take pleasure in small joys in life, like the perfect pork crackling, a quiet beer and a song he could immerse himself in,” his only child Kate said.

“He will remain to all of us a loved man, a respected man, and a missed man — a man I am proud to claim as my father.”

At the conclusion of the service, his nursing staff colleagues formed a guard of honour as his coffin was carried out.

Messages of sympathy in the Nurse Uncut forums include:

“I got to work with the people at Bloomfield as part of my uni clinical prac, I did not get to meet Mr Fenwick but I would like to give my condolences to his family and colleagues. The work they do there is amazing and they are an amazing bunch of people to work with, they taught me a great deal and I thank them.”

“The serious assaults of what nurses have to deal with is not seen until something like this happens. Let’s work at preventing this happening again.”

“My thoughts and feelings are with his relatives right now and he will never be forgotten as he was a good and sincere human being.”

Our thoughts are with Mr Fenwick’s family and friends at this time.




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