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Families are bound by blood. And by secrets…

Cat Hogan (Carolina Main, Unforgotten) is an isolated woman on the run from her past, a past she is forced to confront when the sudden death of her mother, Mary, draws her back to the family she has spent the last 10 years trying to avoid.

Cat has always been the black sheep of the family and now this uncomfortable reunion awakens sinister demons and shines a suspicious light on her mother’s death. Her suspicions start to mount against her father, Jim (Adrian Dunbar, Line of Duty), when she begins to notice discrepancies in his story.

Is Cat paranoid or has she discovered a terrible truth about her father? Nothing and no one can be taken at face value; the truth depends on who you ask. Blood is an intimate drama and psychological thriller about family, memory, and the impact the past can have on the present.

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