Get 20% off Sing! with Mary Setrakian


A budding singer, or just want to know how to hit a tune? This offer is just for you!

Mary Setrakian is a Broadway singer and international master voice teacher. In July 2019, she returns to Australia to share her warmth, knowledge and experience with as many Australians as we can manage!

Sing! started as a bit of a daydream. Part of a wishlist we talked about with Mary on her final night in Australia last year.

Imagine if we could get a huge group of people together in one room – singers, firefighters, actors, politicians, painters, teachers, students, doctors, yogis, and accountants. Imagine if we could teach every one of them how to breathe. How to sing. How to connect their voice, their body, and their emotions. Imagine if we could get that group of people to laugh together. To cry together. To sing together.

At the risk of sounding a bit cheesy… That could change the world.

So being cheesy is what this evening is all about. Leave your inhibitions at the door. Make 800 new friends. Laugh, cry, and sing. We promise you’ll never walk past Town Hall again without a smile on your face about that one crazy evening. Mary has changed and inspired so many lives. She just might change yours too.

This evening was inspired by the notion that anyone, anywhere, with any amount of training or skill can sing. Everyone breathes. Everyone has a voice. Everyone has something important and unique to share.

Get your tickets to this amazing event today.

We’re offering a 20% discount to any members to NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association members who are interested in coming. Use the code ‘NSWNMA’ at the checkout for this discount!

To join today, visit our website.


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