Grads need jobs!


The Federal Government has appointed an expert panel to review current regulations on Australian employers accessing skilled labour from offshore, including nurses and midwives.

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation will be making a submission to the panel, focusing in particular on the high numbers of new nursing and midwifery graduates who have been finding it difficult to get work.

The ANMF wants to hear from recent graduates about their experiences.

Some employers are calling the current regulations “red tape”and asking for deregulation in order to bring in large numbers of overseas workers – ignoring grad nurses and midwives.

The ANMF believes that the current large number of grad nurses and midwives who are struggling to get work must be employed first, before nurses and midwives from overseas.

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  1. I did not get a new grad position when I graduated last July. I applied for new grad in the public system and some private hospitals. Luckily the nursing home I was at as an AIN kept me on as an RN – I have learnt a lot and have been given a lot of education and support but I still can’t find any work in a hospital.

    • This is my situation also. I couldn’t have gotten better support during my grad year in my RACF. Only after a year am I now joining a hospital for work.

  2. I am almost at the end of my degree. I applied for a new grad position for 2015 and was unsucessful. I was told by NSW Health that I can never apply for any NSW public health hospital because I was not successful in the interview. My other preferences were not considered due to the interview. No one checked my references or even checked any of my nursing history.
    Getting a New Grad came down to a 10 minute interview. I am a mature aged student who devoted the last 3 years of my life to become a nurse. I can’t describe how much this has hurt me.
    The university doesn’t care, as the amount of money they make off us is incredible and their response to people who did not get a new grad is “It’s not our responsibility to find students new grad”. Is it ok for universities to lie and constantly sugarcoat the nursing industry? I was told countless number of times I will never be without work and as an RN I will be able to travel etc.
    As a single mother with 3 children who finally had the courage to do the degree and try and have that security for my children, well how wrong was I…
    I should just stay on the pension. What a life for my kids. I can’t get a job or a new grad position. I have never been so depressed in my life. Just to rub salt into my wounds I need to get through another 4 weeks of unpaid clinical work to get my degree while all the students on placement talk about how excited they are to start theirs.


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