Health system development not fit for rapidly growing Sydney


Recent demographic data released by the NSW Department of Planning show that Sydney’s health system will not be able to adapt to the city’s rapid and uneven growth.

The data on Sydney’s projected population growth by 2031 was released earlier this week. It showed that while areas such as Mosman and Hunters Hill were projected to only grow by 4%, Camden Council was expecting growth of 129.4% over the next 12 years. Other councils expecting large population growths in this time period include Parramatta (58.8%), The Hills (55.2%) and Strathfield (45.9%).

Photo Credit: Dr Mike Freelander via Facebook

This rapid growth in concentrated parts of Sydney is putting unprecedented pressure on local health services. This is particularly true for Camden Council, which is serviced by only one hospital, which is itself administered through the larger Campbelltown Hospital.

Health services have failed to keep pace with population growth, with minimal additions to infrastructure and services being planned for the fast-growing south-west and north-west corridors.

It is yet unclear whether future planning by the NSW Government on staffing and infrastructure will change in light of these new projections. Nurse Uncut will keep a close eye on developments on this front.


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