Heterosexual HIV Diagnoses Have Increased In NSW And It’s Easier Than Ever To Get Tested


It’s HIV Testing week and new data from NSW has shown an increase in the number of HIV diagnoses through heterosexual people among NSW. Heterosexuals now make up 1 in 5 new diagnoses for HIV.

Despite numbers being low (67 people diagnosed), 29% more heterosexual HIV diagnoses were made in 2017 (compared to the average for the last six years).

NSW Health is encouraging heterosexual people, particularly those who’ve never been tested before, to get a HIV test. This includes people:

  • Who’ve had sex when traveling in a country where HIV is common;
  • Had sex with someone from a country where HIV is common;
  • Who come from a country where HIV is common;
  • Who’ve used injecting equipment after someone else; and
  • NSW Health continues to encourage men who have sex with men to get tested.

NSW Health provides resources and support to make HIV testing easier than ever. This includes the new Dried Blood Spot test for HIV and hepatitis C which can be done without attending a health service. The finger prick test is free, easy and confidential.

Remember, the NSW HIV Support Program and NSW Sexual Health Infolink are there to support you and your patients when a diagnosis is made.

Watch GP, Dr Bill Kefalas, talk about HIV testing, diagnosis and treatment.

Early treatment initiation using advanced HIV treatments offer patients significantly improved health benefits and will dramatically reduce the risk of passing on HIV.

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