Can I hang on to my nursing registration while working in a different role?


Gone are the days when you became a registered nurse and were able to keep that status for years even if not working at all or working in a different field. Now we have to meet recency of practice requirements in order to register each year.

That’s the dilemma faced by one RN, who wants to work in community support but keep her registration for the future.

Can she do that?

Kay writes: I’m trying to find out how to keep my nursing registration yet work in the community as a support worker.

I’m currently working two days a week as a Registered Nurse on a casual basis, however where I live there seems to be more work in a support worker role than as an RN.

I’m eventually looking to career change into a different field and would like to keep my registration for that.

Can I do this? Any information, I’d appreciate.

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Here’s a factsheet about recency of practice requirements.

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