How you reacted to the Premier’s Health Announcement


This week, Premier Berejiklian announced that 5,000 new nurses would join the workforce if she was re-elected. Here’s how social media reacted.

1. People still wanted proper nurse-to-patient ratios

2. People asked about how many nurses have left the system during her party’s 8 years in Government

3. Some people raised her record for NSW

4. Others wanted more details (which it was pretty light on)

5. And some were just plain cynical

What did you think of the announcement? Let us know in the comments

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  1. Where are these 5,000 nurses coming from? If they’re out there, don’t you think we’d be using them?

    What about ratios? AM 1:4, PM 1:5, ND 1:7. Legislated!


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