‘I am your registered nurse’ – a photo poem


New grad registered nurse Kaithy Zhang’s graduating class from the Sydney University School of Nurses did a photo project about nursing together. There are 29 photos and when viewed in order they form a poem.

We bring you this photo poem on International Nurses Day.

Kaithy writes: On this International Nurses Day, we celebrate the commitment of nurses everywhere, caring for others from the cradle to the grave.

We nurse with our heads in critically analysing and assessing your needs, we nurse with our hands in delivering and implementing your care, and we nurse with our hearts in ensuring you’re always safe and respected.

Here are just some of the amazing and wonderfully diverse men and women I’ve had the privilege of studying nursing with. They are extraordinary, each and every one of them.

Idea conception – Sanuja Khatri
Photography – Julie Butterworth
Video (upcoming) – Tom Yoo
Poem used – Kaithy Zhang


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