I’m a Nurse but I’m also an Australian Idol Wannabe!


Singing, singing and singing! That’s what I can do outside nursing 🙂


Well, to be honest I don’t have much of a talent except for the voice I inherited from my Dad’s genes. My love for my job and professionalism I inherited from my late Mum, Isabel. She was my inspiration when I aspired to become a teacher and now a nurse. My Dad, Romeo is more of an artist. He was an intelligent ex- airforce officer who aspired to become a singer/performer.

Actually, that was his dream for me then….to become a singer or the one to fulfill his dream. He encouraged me to audition for Australian Idol but I don’t think I am that competitive in the field of singing.

I may consider working for the  RAAF as a nurse officer one day. But for now, I am happy and contented with myself. I am blessed with a good voice and that’s what matters most.

I enjoy food tripping and singing karaoke with my nurse friends; Yvette, Mark, Jeremy, Marian, Lizel, TJ, Michael, Donna & Edsel on our days off.  It’s a good way to catch up on each other and unwind after all the hard days’ work!

Oh, did I tell you I was a wedding singer as well? I enjoyed every wedding I went to! The only thing I hated about it was missing out on the food because I couldn’t eat more when I know that I will be singing at the reception.

What about you? Do you have a secret talent that you wish to share with us?


  1. I love singing too Ruth. I had classical tuition to AMEB grade 6 singing but I am too shy to sing in front of anyone and the exams made me crazy so I stopped! my alternative reality job would to be in the australian opera chorus. What a blast that would be.
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  2. SINGING NURSE Good on you Ruth it would great if you had a go at auditioning for Idol.I will just stick to singing along with my favourite Country Music.

  3. Sing and the world joins in! Good for you Ruth! Singing makes the world a better place to be. Are you on YouTube yet? I can’t sing for nuts but I have been told my enthusiasm for LIFE is contagious does that qualify as a secret talent? We actually I love the internet and I am working on building a passive income from it.

  4. Hi Ruth,at least in the Australian opera chorus you will be singing in a group,so no need to be shy.
    Singing is a gift,how I wish I could sing.Just love watching the Australian Idol,wannabees,real talent,and just people having a go.In the meantime I’ll be singing in the shower.


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