1. The end of an era Well I must admit that I am sad to say this but I think we are at the end of an era in nursing. Check out the age of the nurses in this clip. We have been the angels of mercy during our working lives. What sort of care will be delivered to us? My guess is that we are heading towards and unregulated workforce where it will be spot the RN. NSW Health are in such a bad state financially that positions are not being filled. We not only have a nursing shortage we have a position shortage. I work in a Community Based Nursing service and we are just about to close some of our services because we are not allowed to advertise externally for staff. People have been offered Voluntary Redundencies. Are we all sitting back and letting all of this happen? What happened to the gutsy nurses we used to have …. those that would rally together , if we all mobilised together and made a stand we may be able to get more funding the Commonwealth. Where is the media when you need them? Or are we all too tired, burnt out and waiting for retirement? Wish I could be more optimisitic.

  2. an RMO in her first year of being a doctor was really excited a few months ago, she had learnt to prime an IV line! nothing would ever get done if not for nurses! doctors can’t do our job, and AIN’s just don’t have the required education to adequatly ensure patient care. if you’re a nurse – don’t give up!

  3. as you like it Under the heading of ‘Imagine the World Without Nurses’ I can but agree with others.

    My perspective anf concept is based on Community, Dementia Specific, Aged Care,Post-Op,Ortho and Medical Wards Nursing lasting 16 yrs.
    There s SO MUCH CHATTER about how the situation is,how we all feel stressed and over-loaded,sick leave taken etc.
    I also know the Health of Australia is too Political instead of National Based re focus.
    Factions,CEO’s,Dept Heads,all associated agencies trying to get as much $$ return from where?

    Truth is it is from ‘we the tax payers’.
    I suggest we all wake up; take charge and make change happen. Don’t think it will,because this is where we are right now. If you do want it ,only you can get it. Like making coffee..no beans no coffee no drink.

    But NO ONE is prepared to take positive action to regain a stable workplace of equality; and if you do tell others you are trying to effect change, they just laugh..or as most nurses do..’gossip behind yur back’..and this is the reality of being a nurse. I know!


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