Information About New Public Health System Jobs


New South Wales Nurses’ Association’s hard fought efforts in last years’ Public Health System pay and conditions campaign resulted in 1400 jobs being created in various wards around the state to address the staffing crisis.

Here is the information about the first tranche of wards which will be converted.

How To Find The Jobs

To find out about about jobs which are being offered in the first tranche of ward conversions, go to

Once there, enter “Nursing” for categories and the appropriate LHD for entities, then hit the Search button.

You can also click on the LHDs here to go to the appropriate search page.

Image credit:  NSWNA

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  1. ” … finding jobs …” is one thing, but to actually secure a position in NSW Public Health is near impossible, unless you are a ‘senior’ RN with very specific qualifications and experience.

    Two degrees and and twenty years doesn’t cut it anymore…

    Or is the case, that it doesn’t matter who you are, the Govt. can’t afford to hire you?


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