Instagram action for International Midwives and Nurses Week


This year the NSW Nurses and Midwives Association is taking a leap into the social media future with an Instagram action for International Midwives and Nurses Week – which is next week! (IMD is Monday 5 May and IND is Monday 12 May.)

We’re celebrating in concert with a global day of action by Global Nurses United.

We’re going to send pictures of ourselves out on Instagram using the hashtag #nswnmaforce4change and @nswnma. It can be a ‘selfie’ or a group photo of your workplace or entire branch – you decide. We’re also asking you to hold up your celebratory messages written on a blank poster (which you can download below.)

Nurses from Hunter Group Homes branch get into the Instagram swing!

Here are some easy steps:

  • if you don’t already have it, download the free Instagram app to your smartphone or ipad and set up your account (it’s fine to use a pseudonym)
  • follow @NSWNMA on Instagram
  • download our blank IND Instagram poster and write your message (preferably in texta for clarity)
  • Here are some suggested messages for you to write:

I’m a force for change on International Nurses’ Day!

– Midwives: a force for change to be reckoned with!

I’m a proud nurse unionist who’s a force for change

  • get someone to take a photo of you holding the poster (or take a selfie)
  • post it on Instagram, using the hashtag #nswnmaforce4change and @nswnma
  • email it to us as well:
  • you can also post it on Facebook and/or Twitter if you like.

If you can’t manage the Instagram side of things, still take your photos and email them to us at and we will send it out on Instagram.

Download the blank INMD Instagram poster.

Download these instructions as a pdf to share with your colleagues: IND Instagram instructions

Thanks for participating – and Happy International Midwives and Nurses Days!

IND instagram poster-flyer FINAL_001


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