International Women’s Day: 100 years of progress towards equality.


On March 8th, the world will celebrate 100 years of progress towards gender equality. International Women’s Day, however, is both a day to celebrate and a day to draw attention to the challenges that remains before gender equality is truly realised.

United Nations Women Australia, together with the six National Women’s Alliances, is coordinating a range of activities, events and campaigns on diverse issues pertaining gender equality. From issues ranging from positive body image to honouring the contribution of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island women, activities and awareness raising campaigns are being organised all across Australia. To find out more the plans of the six National Women’s Alliances, click here.

In New South Wales yesterday, the International Women’s Day Showcase was launched at Parliament House Fountain Court. The exhibition will be open until March 25th and will celebrate 100 years of International Women’s Day, and showcase how women activists have embraced International Womens’s Day down through the years.

To find out about other IWD events in NSW click here.

Have you celebrated International Women’s Day before? What does the 100 year centenary mean to you?

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  1. I left work to look after my 2 small children when my marriage broke up. I have tried to get back to nursing after being away for little over 5 years. Due to changes in 2010, It looks as though I may have lost my career. My ex husband stayed at work, and is now a ward manager. I am feeling rather unequal at the moment.

  2. Quite so Kate. I have long felt that if the NSWNA was fair dinkum, they would have been campaigning for better conditions for the bulk of their membership since the 1970s for family friendly workplaces, lang daycare at hospitals and universities and any number of conditions that would slightly ease the lives of working women. But no, we are either trying to do 8 hours work in 6 (really only a money saver for the hospitals) or killing ourselves on nightshift. Not much of a contribution to equality really.


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