Keeping the Bugs at Bay – What are your tips?


hand_in_hand-ilco-sxcIt is that time of year again and people are doing all they can to stop themselves from getting the common bugs that find their way from person to person faster than the speed of light!

I am thankful that it seems people are becoming more accustomed to hand hygiene being a part of every day life. Sanitisers of various types are much more visible in the community – in public toilets as an alternative to the standard soap and water, in RSL club bistros, at the nail salon, in schools and in the foyers of many hotels and hospitals. It is also much more common for people to carry a pocket sized sanitiser in their handbag or car for when needed. As an isolation nurse I am obsessed with the stuff and thankfully my 12 year old son (and lets face it, he is of that age where cleanliness is not a priority) is now well practised in hand hygiene.

My boyfriend swears by a much more old fashioned method of preventing colds and flus and that is eating garlic with every meal in some form. He has even been known to eat a garlic sandwich at 11pm just because he believes it will help.  As a pharmacist’s daughter I am all for whatever medications are required but my boyfriend just sticks to the garlic.  He adamantly believes that it is all you need.

I think trying to eat a well balanced diet is probably your best defence against the ills and perhaps staying away from anyone who you know is unwell.

What is it that you do to keep the bugs at bay? Does it work? Do your loved ones think you are crazy for believing it?


  1. ‘Slip, Slop, Slap’ was created to find a way to block the sun’s rays from hitting our skin. The aim was to decrease our Vitamin D levels! This resulted in a massive increase in skin cancer. In 1908 one in 8,000 of the population got cancer (and the industrial revolution was in full swing for a long time). Now it’s one in 3 that get cancer! – and the ‘drug’ companies are making trillions of $$$ as a result. Build up your Vitamin D levels and you dramatically reduce your chances of getting cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.
    Vitamin D levels that are adequate are protection against even the swine flu, and colds.
    To keep the bugs at bay, build up your antioxidant levels. There are over 500 of these, but the 5 core antioxidants are Vitamin C (water soluble), Vit E (fat soluble), alpha lipoic acid ( king of the lot! and fat&water soluble, and also get into blood-brain barrier, so great for strokes, head injuries etc), Co-enzyme-Q10 (essential!), and glutathionine. Read book “the antioxidant miracle” (published 1999) by Lester Packer who ran the Packer Laboratories for over 50 years.
    Vitamin C is essential. There are only 4 animals that don’t produce their own Vitamin C – humans, guinea pigs, fruit bat of India, and some stupid ‘songbird’. Horses produce 25grams a day, and whenever they get sick with flu, blood levels drop almost to zero! – Vitamin C has to be present to fight the ‘free radicals’ produced in overpowering numbers!
    If you smoke, drink coca cola or any other soft drinks, eat lots of meat, drink dairy milk, eat unprocessed grains etc, then why bother! avoiding colds is a waste of time, as you’ve opened the doors to cancer, viruses, bacteria and fungi anyway! Get sensible! Get Real! Don’t believe everything you are told about helath via the normal health care channels! The drug companies sponsor this avenue, so will have ‘slanted’ the information to make you believe what ‘they’ teach! Protect your children and grandchildren, and read up on health (real health). Good luck!
    I take 4-10 grams a day Vit C, 200 units/day Vitamin E ( tocopherols as well as tocotrienols), 8 grams a day Vitamin D, alpha lipoic acid 200mg, co-Q10 200mg, good vitamins, eat loads of fresh fruit and veges, and drink (juiced fresh veges) about 30 servings a day. I feel great, and work in worst respiratory environment, yet remain healthy.

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    My mother is/was a nurse from Vienna. Over there, when the ‘sniffles’ started, they boiled milk (a cup) added honey, then ONE drop of camphor – it immediately vapourised, and as you drank it , it opened your airways. I don’t remember the camphor, but when we came over here, it was replaced with ONE drop of eucalyptus oil. Works great, BUT…. and I repeat..BUT!! if you take 2 to 3mls of eucalyptus oil, you may get ‘lipoid pneumonia’ (and die!). Even 3 drops will burn your mouth. We never exceed one small drop. We called it the ‘witch’s remedy’ (my Aussie wife refers to my mother as that!). In addidtion, while you have the ‘aches’ etc, she had us (even as kids) take a hot cup of unsugared black tea, with a ‘nip’ of brandy, three times a day! It’s not called ‘nedicinal’ for nothing!!

  3. Very modern.

    In Australia, we use ‘ snake oil ‘.

    It can be obtained from the person who sells shares in the Sydney Harbour bridge.

    ( you watch, someone will ask, where to buy them….. )

  4. Just keep your immunity up by working all through the winter and being closely exposed to patinets with some sort of respiratory compromise!! I bring home all the bugs to my family. They all get really sick and I’m unscathed……..

  5. Work with patients with respiratory conditions all through the winter…bring “bugs” home to family where they get very sick, and you remain unscathed. Bless the immunity of a ward nurse!!!!


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