Kempsey asks: is the Premier listening?


The NSWNMA branch at Kempsey District Hospital has sent a letter to their local MP.

For background information about this claim and campaign, look here.

Kempsey District Hospital ED staff

2nd May 2013

The Hon Andrew Stoner

Member for Oxley


Dear Mr Stoner

We are writing to you to again to request your help once more in our attempt to gain ratios for the members of our community. 

We are concerned that the Premier is not listening to:

–  our request for equity in nursing care between city and rural NSW;

–   about the problems of ‘specialling’ in numbers;

–  our desperate need for more nurses to ensure safe patient care in pediatrics;

–  the fact that most EDs are not meeting their NEAT targets;

–  the need for ratios-equivalent system in community and community mental health;

– the need for extended ratios to more mental health units.

We are concerned that we have heard nothing from the government in relation to this campaign at all.  The NSWNMA have met with the government negotiators four times without any response.  As you know the Premier has stated that he will not approve back pay.  Is this stalling his way of saving even more money by taking from those who can least afford it?

The overwhelming evidence that improving staff to patient ratios makes a massive difference to the mortality and morbidity rates, length of stay plus cost of care so that in the long run what we are requesting will save money for the tax payers of NSW.

Mr Stoner, we again request your assistance by speaking to the Premier about the needs of your constituents.

Yours sincerely

Di Lohman, Linda Weir, Martina Rosas, Jennifer Clarke & the Nurses of KDH

Kempsey District Hospital NSWNMA


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