Kerry Rodgers speaks out on Medicare and Q+A


Did you catch Kerry Rodgers, in her NSWNMA scrubs, questioning Treasurer Joe Hockey on the post-Budget Q+A a few weeks ago? Kerry’s appearance on the popular ABC current affairs program went viral.

Now we’ve interviewed Kerry at more length – about what she thinks about Medicare and the health funding cuts in the Budget and also how she felt about Joe Hockey’s reaction to her television questions.

Watch the interview and also Kerry’s original appearance below.

kerry rodgers Medicare

Watch our interview with Kerry Rodgers, who works in a western Sydney hospital.

Watch Kerry on Q+A on May 19.

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  1. Well said; we need to speak out against these measures. The Liberal Government is using scare tactics to justify what it wants – the dismantling of Medicare. After having worked in the US for 8 years, the last thing we need is a health system that is accessed by only those who can afford it.

  2. I think you are all over-reacting to the budget, the Liberal government is trying to put the country back to a surplus after the Labor government left it in a mess.

  3. While I agree with some of the message she put across I really think that this system would keep away some of the individuals who visit GPs unnecessarily and one would be rather naïve to think that they do not exist.
    However, having said that, it will drive those individuals into the A&E departments for attention, that are over worked and under-staffed, with disorders or whatever one wants to call them that are far better dealt with by a simple visit to their GP.
    I have maintained for a very long time that A&E presentations should carry a small charge like this to stop what I have experienced to be individuals who are too lazy or impatient to wait to see a doctor with simple illnesses or longstanding injuries that should have been treated long before their presentation.
    I am not saying that someone who is obviously in danger or has obvious serious injuries should be charged – more those who are too lazy to wait and see their own doctor.


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