Letter from an aged care nurse to her MP


Aged care RN Claire from Tweed Heads in the very north of NSW has written a heartfelt letter to her MP Geoff Provest asking him to vote in favour of a Bill in the NSW Parliament to retain the legal requirement for RNs in high needs aged care.

Here is Claire’s letter:

Dear Mr Provest,

I am a resident of Tweed Heads and a Registered Nurse employed in aged care. I was one of a group of nurses and community members who came to see you in your office about 12 months ago (we were Bluecare Kingscliff then). We brought you a signed petition which you committed to take to parliament. We thank you for that.

You spoke from your heart about your personal experience of having your dear mother in a nursing home and that you absolutely agreed that it was imperative that there were RNs 24/7 in nursing homes. You also gave us your assurance that if ever it came to a vote, you would vote to support keeping RNs in aged care facilities 24/7.

I am asking for you to please remember your commitment to the aged and vulnerable, and to those who care for them, and to act with your heart and your values when the opportunity comes in the House tomorrow.

Your support means so much to us, as nurses and carers, and it means even more to the vulnerable aged people that we care for. Additionally the community and families.

Thank you so much Geoff. We will all be so glad to know that we have done all we can to protect our loved ones.

This photo was taken today at some training on Elder Abuse. Many nurses were here on their days off, because we are concerned about our elders and want to do the very best for them.

Kindest regards
Claire B (RN)

You can still make contact with your MP what you can do if you’re in NSW

What more you can do:

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